Whether you bake, roast or toast, Comcater can help you select the perfect oven. Ovens are the cornerstone of any commercial restaurant. They can whip up snacks in kitchen less bars or provide nutritious meals for residents in nursing homes. We’ve sourced a range of premium ovens. Ovens that reduce wastage, save energy and of course, cook to perfection.

Menumaster commercial microwave ovens

Menumaster combines impingement technology with convection and microwave to heat, cook and toast meals faster. With such a small footprint, programmable options and fast cooking, these ovens are perfect for snacks and places wanting to offer a menu, but are short on skilled labour and space.


Lincoln conveyor ovens

Lincoln conveyor ovens use the latest impingement technology to cook pizzas faster, without burning the bottom or leaving the middle soggy. Staff no longer have to monitor the pizza, and can be used elsewhere in the kitchen. Perfect for naan, fish and even steak. Easy to program, and fast.


Mibrasa charcoal ovens

Mibrasa combines the earthy taste of coals with the convenience of technology. Smoke or BBQ inside and adjust the heat of the embers to suit you. Cook with the taste your customers love and the efficiency and consistency only Mibrasa can provide.


Alto-Shaam cook and hold ovens

Slow cook succulent meat and then hold it for when you’re ready. Alto Shaam Halo Heat technology retains the juices, flavour and texture of food without drying or shrinkage. Alto Shaam even has a smoker oven, perfect for indoors. Smoke, bake or roast food and then hold it at the ideal temperature for serving.