High Quality, Reliable Commercial Ovens

There are very few items in the kitchen that are as important as your ovens. Commercial ovens form the cornerstone of your production line and are responsible for getting food prepared properly and promptly before service to the customer. One of the great things about these products is how many different varieties there are, which allows you to pick and choose the oven that is best suited to your needs.

With a huge range of different commercial oven types, sizes and gas/electric options, Comcater can help your business to find the option that works for you.

Commercial microwaves from Menumaster

Menumaster’s range of commercial microwaves combine elements of traditional microwave, infrared and convection cooking. This results in a high quality cook that you’d expect from an oven, but in the fast timeframe that microwaves are known for. In addition, the Menumaster microwaves are incredibly versatile, able to bake, cook and toast – ensuring that you’re able to get food out to your customers quickly.

Conveyor ovens from Lincoln

Conveyor ovens are most commonly used for the preparation of pizzas, but with the Lincoln range you can do so much more. From baking bread to cooking steaks, Lincoln conveyor ovens can perform a wide range of different cooking functions. The key benefit of the conveyor technology is that you can set up the oven to follow a specific program, and then enjoy the same high quality results every time. No long do you have to dedicate a specialist chef to watch over the baking of naan bread, or pizza preparation. With a Lincoln conveyor oven, you can simply wait for your meal to come out perfect.

Charcoal ovens from MIBRASA

We all love that classic smoky flavour that comes from cooking with charcoal, but in an enclosed commercial cooking environment, the traditional open-fire methods of achieving this taste aren’t safe or feasible. Fortunately, there’s an easier way, and it’s with charcoal ovens from MIBRASA. Not only are MIBRASA ovens capable of producing some truly incredible flavours, but they’re also rugged and versatile. With a charcoal oven, you can prepare everything from pizzas to smoky Spanish dishes – appropriate as that’s where this method of cooking is immensely popular and where MIBRASA ovens are designed and built.

Cook and hold ovens from Alto-Shaam

Slightly different to the other ovens mentioned above, Alto-Shaam’s cook and hold ovens are designed to precisely cook and more importantly maintain food at specific temperatures. Whether you’re looking for the perfect overnight slow-cook or simply to hold food at its optimum temperature away from the kitchen, Alto-Shaam’s unique Halo Hold technology ensure that natural moisture is retained and product shrinkage and waste are reduced. There’s great versatility within the range, and there’s even a smoker option if you’re looking for that classic wood-fired taste.

Great Selection of Commercial Ovens With The Best Prices

Here at Comcater, we understand that the food industry rely on their equipment to satisfy their customers and meet production targets. Therefore, regardless of which type of oven you go for, it’s important that the brand is reliable and robust enough for even the most strenuous of heavy-duty environments. All of our brands have a strong reputation within the market, and whether in Australia or overseas they are known for being sturdy and reliable.
What sets Comcater apart is that we work directly with the end-user to establish exactly what they’re trying to do with a commercial oven – be it pizza production or slow cooking – and test those specific products through the oven.

This can be done at any of our showrooms with somebody experienced with each specific model, in order to showcase exactly how much of a difference the right commercial oven can make to them. By doing this, and with a strong reputation of our brands for quality, we can make sure that every customer gets an oven that’s right from them.