Commercial Bain Marie Food Warmers

Comcater is a leading supplier of commercial kitchen equipment that offers commercial high-quality bain-marie food warmers in all sizes. Bain Maries are best used to keep pre-cooked food warm for a long period of time at precise temperatures. Our commercial Bain Maries can be configured as per your needs.

Maintaining correct food temperature and hygiene is an essential aspect of owning a business and protecting your customers. As many foodservice establishments know, having a successful service not only depends on the food that is being cooked right then and there during mealtime, but also on the food that is being prepared prior to service even starting. A lot of the time, the chefs and the kitchen staff are limited in what they can prepare beforehand as cooking it too early and then warming it up would compromise the final quality of the dish being sent out.  This is why food warmers can be a real asset to a chef and the kitchen staff. 


What is a bain-marie food warmer?

It is a device that keeps food warm for longer periods of time. It is otherwise known as a water bath or a double boiler and it is commonly seen in buffets and self-service areas. It can keep pre-cooked food at the right temperature and ensure that it is ready to be served throughout the service by providing a continuous gentle heat that does not compromise the overall final quality of the dish being served. Current industrial kitchen models of a professional bain-marie are a lot sturdier and therefore reduce the likelihood of kitchen staff accidentally knocking it down when moving around the kitchen during a busy service. 

What are the benefits of commercial Bain Maries?

  • Keeps food readily available for serving by maintaining temperature.
  • Can hold pre-cooked batches of food
  • Increases efficiency in the kitchen because of not having to cook everything to order
  • Easy to clean material
  • Highly portable and can be set up in different locations of the establishment
  • Easy to store
  • User-friendly controls
  • Wet and dry heat options available

Frequently asked questions

Can you cook in a commercial bain marie?

Generally, commercial bain-marie devices are designed to gently heat food that has already been precooked as opposed to cooking food from scratch. It is most commonly used for warming delicate precooked foods like chillies and sauces where the thermostat is adjusted to the right temperature for the corresponding dish. However, a bain marie can be used to cook very delicate and selective types of foods such as custards or cheesecakes based on the chef’s preference. 

What should my bain marie temperature be?

This is very dependent on the intended use of the product.

If the device is used to cook delicate dishes such as cheesecake or custard then it should not be heated above 82 degrees celsius as doing so would cause some ingredients in those dishes to become scalded. 

If you are using the bain-marie to warm up food then the regular food safety laws apply where according to Food Standards Australia New Zealand, hot food must be kept at 60°C or above as it would be warm enough to prevent the bacteria from growing 

How long can food be kept in a bain marie?

Provided the temperature remains above 60 degrees Celsius, food can be held in it for several hours; however, it is important to note that the longer pre-cooked foods are held, the more moisture is lost during the evaporation process and the faster the food might spoil. As a general rule, food can be held in commercial bain maries for a period of two hours without compromising its freshness.