The Cleveland SGL40TR Natural Gas Dura Pan™ tilting Bratt Pan feature state of the art solid thermostat controls, providing greater efficiency than open burner ranges and preheats faster than most commercial
cooking equipment. Cleveland Tilting Bratt Pans greatly improves kitchen safety whilst making cleaning easy, and backed by countless Best In Class awards, you can count on Cleveland in the kitchen!

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  • 150L capacity
  • Stainless Steel Clad 16mm cooking surface guaranteed against warping & featured graduation markings
  • Adjustable, electronic thermostat controls temperature from 37°C to 218°C
  • Spring Assist Cover with adjustable vent and with electronic spark ignition
  • Features two pilot lights, splash proof controls and water tight electrical connections


  • Fast Heat?Up and Recovery Time?Preheats in 11 minutes, full capacity from cold to boiling in 60 minutes
  • All Controls are serviceable from the front of the unit for easy, affordable servicing
  • All Stainless Steel Construction for durability and easy cleaning
  • Anti?Splash Pouring Lip for maximum safety
  • Fantastic for caterers, production kitchens or large restaurants wanting greater efficiency