Introduce new, bold flavours to your menu with the Alto-Shaam 767SK Commercial Smoker Oven. Lauded by some of the world’s most favourite chains, the Smoker Oven utilises Halo Heat® technology to gently wrap around your food, cooking it to perfection. The smoker also switches from cooking to holding temperatures automatically, allowing you to leave the oven overnight, cutting down on labour costs.

SKU: 767SK
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  • Halo Heat Technology that cooks & holds food without fans, forced air or added humidity
  • Features steel side racks and wire shelves, drip pan with drain and a wood chip container
  • Unit comes with free samples of cherry, hickory, apple & maple wood chips
  • 45kg and 7 full size GN pan capacity
  • Intuitive manual controls to ensure your product is cooked and smoked as desired


  • Halo Heat cooks and smokes product with 18% less meat shrinkage compared to conventional cooking
  • Hot or cold smoke anything from meat to cheese, adding bold flavours to your favourite recipes
  • Smoke overnight and this oven automatically switches into holding, reducing your labour costs
  • Higher yields of meat and the benefits of better quality at lower cost
  • Stackable for maximum food output using minimal space