Trueheat RC Series

The Trueheat RC Series was designed and engineered by Australians, for Australian Restaurant & Cafe kitchens. The range includes oven ranges, gas cooktops, fryers, pasta cookers, salamanders, infrared barbecues and infill benches, all range matched to ensure a stylish finished design. The Trueheat brand was build on the philosophy that all restaurant and cafe kitchens deserve culinary muscle at an affordable price. For a limited time, you can also enjoy a leading 2 year warranty on parts and labour across the entire Trueheat RC Series! Scroll down and fill in the form below to redeem this offer today.



  • High performance SIT gas components and powerful 24MJ open burners
  • Backed by a leading 2 year warranty on parts and labour and free startup commissioning
  • Designed and engineered by Australians, for Australian kitchens
  • Best in class safety features with flame failure controls included as standard
  • Stylish range matched design with matt finish cast iron trivets
  • Piezo ignition standard on all enclosed burners and available in Natural and LP gas


Restaurant and café owners right across the country love the durability, power and affordability that the new Trueheat RC Series has to offer!

To celebrate the success of the Trueheat RC Series we are offering a Double Warranty on Parts and Labour on all Trueheat RC Series equipment purchased until June 30th 2021.

That’s the leading warranty offer of any commercial ranges brand in the country!

This special 2 Year Warranty coupled with Free Startup and Commissioning takes Australia’s best value lineup to the next level, reinforcing that Trueheat RC Series is not only unbelievable value for money but also delivers outstanding performance and reliability at an affordable price!

Fill in the form to redeem this limited time offer today.



“Our Trueheat range has been very reliable. I love the pilots on the open burners and the fact that you don’t have to light them each time is a great advantage. The pasta cooker heats up quickly; we turn it on 10 minutes before service and it’s ready to go!”

Angelo Leonforte

Olive & Angelo, QLD

“When it comes to fitting out our new kitchen, we needed a lineup that was durable, powerful yet affordable. The Trueheat RC Series in unbelievable value for money.”

James & Shelley Nelson

Jamieson Brewery & Grill, VIC

“We selected the Trueheat range after extensive research. Not only did they come in on value for money, but the all-round performance of the equipment is second to none. I would highly recommend the Trueheat range.”

Hamish Ingham

Pasta Wafu, NSW

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