3 reasons why the Frymaster MJ Series has been number one for 30 years

When talking about the true workhorses of the Australian cooking world, few pieces of kitchen equipment have as storied a history as the venerable MJ Series from Frymaster. The commercial deep fryer has been number one in the country for the last 30 years, and voted Best In Class 14 years consecutively.

In fact, the MJ Series has proved so popular over the years that we couldn’t name all of the factors which have gone into the current model’s status at the top of the frying ladder. If we had to try, though, there are three hugely important contributors to the unit’s success that stand out. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at them.

1. You can’t beat experience

While 30 years as Australia’s top fryer is nothing to sniff at, perhaps more important is Frymaster’s experience within the industry. Founded back in 1935, the brand has more than 80 years of innovation and expertise under its belt, and this is accentuated by the fact that the company is a specialist in every sense of the word. Where other manufacturers might stretch themselves across a too-large range of products, Frymaster has always been committed to fryers first and foremost. This has helped to ensure that every time a new product is released, it’s perfectly suited to the market.

2. Heat uniformity

While there are dozens of elements that make up a great fryer, one of the most critical is undoubtedly an even heat. Without this, the quality of any food cooked in the fryer will suffer greatly, and we’re not just talking ballpark consistency in the pan. To achieve the best results, accuracy to within a single degree Celsius is required, and this is exactly why the MJ Series provides thanks to a rapid response when changing temperature and precise accuracy over heat control.

3. Customised for customers

We all know that every single kitchen is completely different. Each will have its own menu, workflow and processes, so it makes no sense to shoehorn identical models into various environments and expect good results. A bit of tailoring is required, and the MJ Series has a wealth of optional extras which can ensure it’s compatible with any business. For example, the fishplate accessory is all but a necessity for a QSR serving fish and chips, and can make a huge difference to getting food prepared quickly and properly.

These are just three of the reasons why the MJ Series has been such a success. To find out more about adding one to your kitchen, fill in the form on this page!

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