5 Essential products pizza stores can’t live without

Aussies love their specialty pizzas. Gluten-free, wholemeal, low-carb and gourmet options are rising in demand. The latest research by IBIS shows customers are willing to pay a premium for a great vegan pizza over the traditional ham and pineapple. Traditional pizzas are not only left behind, but are having to compete on price.

To keep up with the high demand for quality pizza, successful pizza businesses are investing in quality equipment. And, that means more than the best commercial pizza oven. With pizza takeaways soaring, the quality needs to continue from the raw ingredients to the front door.

That means investing in quality products to increase shelf life, food freshness and heat transfer. Here are our top five products every successful pizzeria needs to win the high culinary taste of the average Aussie.


Lincoln Pizza ovens

Investing in a premium pizza oven means high quality and consistent pizzas. With Lincoln pizza ovens, there’s no need for a person to monitor the cooking process. The food is placed in one end of the conveyor oven and comes out perfectly cooked every time at the other end. No more burnt bases!

The airflow technology within the oven produces a higher heat transfer than any other impingement technology on the market. Designated zones in the oven produce rapid browning, cooking and crisping. So, the baking is evenly spread throughout the pizza. No more soggy middle or burnt cheese.

Baking is also 2-4 times faster with a Lincoln pizza oven. Not only are the pizzas of a higher standard, but you save time and money in the long run. That’s because the oven doesn’t need a chef to monitor the cooking. Whether you’re cooking a gluten-free base, vegan cheese or garlic focaccia, everything is baked to perfection every time!


Cambro Pizza Dough boxes

The dough can make or break the perfect pizza. That’s why you need to invest in dough storage boxes for transportation, cooling and proofing.

Cambro pizza dough boxes couldn’t be more practical. With rounded edges, these tough boxes lock into each other, so no lids are required. They’re also dishwasher safe.

Your fresh dough will last longer, without fear of crusting or contamination.


Cambro Camsquares

 Keep your ingredients fresh in tough, space saving storage containers. Cambro Camsquares are easy to label and made of clear, dishwasher safe plastic. So, there’s no need to waste time opening containers to see what’s inside.

They can also hold piping hot and freezing cold foods (-40°C to 99°C) with easy to read graduations, so you know exactly how much food you have and can plan ahead easily.


Cambro Gastronorm food pans

There’s now a cheaper alternative to stainless steel for keeping food cool and contaminant free in your food prep area. Cambro Gastronorm food pans can store food from -40°C to 99°C.

The high-grade plastic container is resistant to chemicals and allwos food simply slides off the pan. Flavour is retained rather than leaching into the container making them a breeze to clean.

The internal shelf on the bottom of each pan helps liquids drain away, keeping the food in shape for longer. Food waste is also reduced with Cambro Seal Covers, saving you money.


Cambro Go Bags

Pizza delivery bags need to get your high quality restaurant food to the customer like it’s just left the oven. That’s a big ask. Cambro Go bags are durable, providing superior temperature and moisture control, all the way to the front door.

Investing in delivery bags is like investing in your brand. If the food is cold or not presented well, it’s a reflection of your restaurant.

Quality food can only be produced quickly and consistently with quality equipment. Aussies are demanding a premium, specialty pizza and will pay for a superior product.


For more information on setting up your pizza restaurant for success, contact Comcater.


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