Five factors to consider or any pizza shop owner or operator

With the shock collapse of Eagle Boys, it is clear that the Australian pizza industry is high risk and highly competitive. For even the most astute pizza shop operators, keeping a keen eye on upcoming trends, staying familiar with industry reports and constantly seeking new and improved ways of serving, ordering and enjoying your pizza is key to your continued success.

Luckily for you, the recently released Pizza Restaurant and Takeaway in Australia report from IBISWorld provides some extraordinary insight into those trends, tastes and tactics you should employ if you want to keep ahead of your competitors. Read on to find out how pizza shop operators can easily stay ahead of these trends by switching to a commercial pizza oven from Lincoln.

  • Go Gourmet – Whilst traditional pizzas remain popular, the trend towards more gourmet pizzas at a higher price point is clear, now accounting for 7.3 percent of the industry revenue in 2016-17 according to IBISWorld. Gourmet toppings such as goats cheese, mussels and truffle require a much more delicate cook, something which can be difficult to achieve in wood fired ovens where staff must constantly tend to and monitor the cooking process, adding additional labour costs to your already higher produce costs. By utilising conveyor ovens such as the Lincoln 1100 Series however, chefs can set specific temperatures and speeds for different menu items plus access the pizza mid-cook via the industry’s only front loading door to add those more gourmet toppings at the correct stage in the cooking process. This ultimately means a more controlled, consistent cooking of menu items resulting in a truly gourmet experience (and at a reduced price!).
  • Allergy Friendly – Traditional pizza shops aren’t exactly a safe-haven for the gluten and dairy intolerant; however, with more health conscious consumers and a greater demand for allergen free foods, dairy free cheese and gluten free dough are essential ingredients for any successful pizza store. Whilst these ingredients are generally harder to work with, by using smarter equipment such as conveyor ovens, chefs are able to have better control over the cooking process, adjusting time, temperature and speeds at ease to ensure these allergy free creations are something to be proud of.

Find out all you need to know about the Lincoln 1100 Series Conveyor Oven below (post continues after video)


  • Technology – Whether it’s a savvy online ordering system, a fantastic “create your own pizza” digital menu display or the patented Fastbake™ technology found in the Lincoln 1100 Series Ovens, technology continues to drive the biggest innovations in the pizza industry. New technology is responsible for drastically reducing average customer wait times when ordering, but can also drastically reduce cook times, with the Lincoln’s Fastbake™ technology reducing cook times to up to 30%!
  • Slice with a Side – According to the Pizza Restaurant and Takeaway in Australia report, Pizza sides have increased as a share of revenue over the past five years with more and more pizza operators including a broader range of sides as opposed to the traditional garlic bread. Stand out from the crowd by utilising the Lincoln Conveyor Oven to introduce a huge range of sides to your menu without the need for any new equipment: wedges, ribs, schnitzels and desserts can all be cooked to perfection in the Lincoln!
  • Size Matters – Increased rent prices is a major problem for all pizza shop operators, so coming up with innovative ways to maximise your space is crucial to one’s success. Thankfully, the 1100 Series conveyor ovens from Lincoln are stackable up to three units high, drastically reducing your kitchen footprint meaning more bums on seats. The smaller depth of the oven means that these commercial ovens fit beneath canopies you may find in previous fish and chip shops or burger joints, meaning you can get into the pizza market with a serious commercial pizza oven for a smaller start-up cost.

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