How to choose the right commercial dishwasher for your business: part two

In our last blog post, we discussed the different types of commercial dishwashers and what business operations and applications they are best suited to.

In Part Two, we discuss the different ranges available, their key features and what questions to ask your supplier in order to choose the right commercial dishwasher for your business.

Entry Level Commercial Dishwashers

For efficiency and ease of operation, entry-level commercial dishwashers are ideal for operations with minimal warewashing requirements who seek a quick and easy ‘touch-and-go’ solution.

With the price-conscious operator in mind, these units are ideal for those wanting to upgrade from a domestic dishwasher, offering better efficiency and reduced energy and water bills.

These ranges may come with less functions, but if you don’t require all the bells and whistles of a mid-range or premium commercial dishwasher, the entry-level will give you the best value for money.

Buyer Beware: There are many ‘cheap’ models available on the market, but don’t be tempted by the price. For reliability and true value for money, look out for the following features:

  • Reputable brand that is backed by reliable service support.
  • Drain pumps, detergent and rinse aid dosing.
  • Upper and lower wash and rinse arms.
  • Always read the labels. Check the water consumption.

Mid Range Commercial Dishwashers

The middle of the market offers all the standard features of an entry-level commercial dishwasher, plus the flexibility and benefits of adding additional features and options.

One of the major benefits is the option of adding a CRC (heat recovery unit and steam condenser), which eliminates the need for exhaust hoods. The steam produced inside the machine during the wash cycle condenses and cools down the exhaust air from the machine. With the use of the heat recovery system, energy consumption is also reduced, since the heat produced by the machine is recovered and transferred to the cold water feed supplying the machine, guaranteeing savings of 30%.
Best suited to smaller restaurants and larger cafes, these units are built for higher output and larger capacities with stronger components, such as stainless steel wash arms. In addition, they offer the flexibility of using single phase (240vlt) or 3-phase (415vlt) power supply.
When looking for a mid-range commercial dishwasher, look out for the following features:
  • Reputable brand that is backed by reliable service support.
  • Stronger components, such as high-quality stainless steel wash and rinse arms.
  • Controlled chemical.
  • Always read the labels. You should benefit from reduced water consumption.

Premium Commercial Dishwashers

Designed for high-volume warewashing, premium commercial dishwashers are best suited to larger operations such as hospitals, aged care, hotels, large sporting venues, stadiums and function centres.
High volume can often mean high costs for operators unless you buy the right brand. Available in glasswashers to large flight-type machines, these units not only manage the capacity but can also show true ROI by increasing productivity and reducing energy and water consumption. All the features of a mid-range commercial dishwasher come as standard, with the benefits of additional features such as; HACCP recording, self-diagnostics and electronic energy measurement systems. These units do come with a price tag, but for the right business, operators can expect to make substantial savings in energy, water, chemical and labour costs.
To ensure a premium commercial dishwasher is right for your operation, consider the following:
  • Reputable brand that is backed by reliable service support.
  • Get the right advice. A consultation with your supplier is imperative.
  • Consider your space. Modifications are available.
  • High volume doesn’t have to mean high cost. Units should manage capacity whilst reducing utility bills.
  • Ask your supplier about planned maintenance programs to ensure your dishwasher runs efficiently and remains reliable.
Comenda offers three ranges of commercial dishwashers; red line, blue line and platinum line to meet the demands of all food & beverage service businesses.
For more information fill in the form on this page to speak to a Comcater commercial kitchen equipment expert.

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