Introducing Joni, our latest product range to Comcater

We are thrilled to announce our latest product range to the Comcater family, Joni commercial kettles.

Established in 1973, the Denmark commercial kettle manufacturer take pride in developing products that help produce large volumes of high quality meals efficiently while creating a better, safer workplace. With all components produced in house and complying to all Australian standards, the range includes simple tilting kettles, multi-functional kettles through to advanced kettles with integrated stirrers and optional in-kettle chilling systems.

All Joni kettles are designed with a special focus on easy and ergonomic use, hygiene, safety, reliability and durability. With 8 key ranges to choose from, all products have the following key features:

  • Fully welded kettle body, making it easy to clean with no screws or joints in the food preparation area ensuring HACCP compliance
  • Unheated top of kettle resulting in a better kitchen climate, less energy waste and no dry-out of the food in the top of the kettle
  • Energy optimized steam generator results in less energy waste and quicker reaction times ensuring food is cooked consistently and to perfection
  • Superior temperature control of both the kettle and the food, meaning a reduced risk of burs in the kitchen or burning food
  • Advanced safety feature including a pillar mounted lid switch which enables the mixer to operate once the lid is opened
  • Wide range available including steam heated or electric heated kettles, various pillar options and variety of controllers offering a wider choice for customers
  • Strong mixer motor with built-in safety features and 7 mixing pattern to choose from for better, consistent mixing thats suitable for all kinds of food
  • Clever design including a drawer for electronic components, bottom-type mixer motor and automatic filling of the steam generator

The operational benefits customers can enjoy by utilising Joni kettles include:

  • Increase production volumes without increasing labour costs
  • Minimise manual handling, heavy lifting and repetitious injury concerns
  • Greater flexibility when allocating tasks to kitchen staff as many of the physical aspects of operation are removed
  • Improve food production consistencies while reducing cooking times
  • Reduce possibility of product spoilage as foods will not stick or burn
  • Create a work environment that is safer for users resulting in better staff retention

By far, the most tangible benefit when using a Joni Mixing Kettle is the reduction in staff labour time at the equipment during cooking as the integrated mixer completes the ongoing stirring. Whether cooking 40L or 500L of product, the labour cost increase is minimal as the kettle is doing the work, leaving staff free to go about other duties.

WATCH: see how easy it is to produce 40L of scrambled eggs with minimal staff intervention in the Joni OptiMix 100.


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