Joni are the manufacturer of choice for high quality mixing and tilting kettles in volume catering kitchens. Joni’s kettle range includes simple tilting kettles, multi-functional kettles through to advanced kettles with integrated stirrers and optional in-kettle chilling systems. All Joni kettles are designed with a special focus on easy and ergonomic use, hygiene, reliability and durability. With inbuilt flexibility that enables the user to increase production volumes without increasing physical demands, Joni kettles create a kitchen environment that is safer, faster and more productive.




  • Superior Danish precision based on 46 years of experience in kettle manufacturing
  • All models include electric tilting to easily and safely remove product at the conclusion of the cooking cycle.
  • Kettle bowl manufactured in 316 acid resistant stainless steel, all other parts in 304 stainless steel
  • Fully welded, insulated kettle body with etched litre volume markings in the kettle bowl
  • Hinged lid that is lite and easy to lift / close, lid made from 304 stainless steel
  • Electrically heated kettles have automatic filling of water into the steam generator
  • Integrated timers and / or programmability for ease of product repetition
  • All kettles are fully insulated providing exceptional thermal efficiencies and critical operator safety


  • Unheated top for lower energy waste and improved user safety
  • Ergonomic 900mm operating height
  • Built is safety, after 3 hours of operation maximum temperature of the outer skin is <40c
  • Mixing kettles remove the physical demands to the operator and free up time for other tasks to be completed
  • Increase production volumes without increasing labour, while increasing operational safety
  • Improve staff retention by providing a safer and more enjoyable work environment.
  • 40 – 100L versions available in EasyMobile and EasyStand ranges
  • 40 – 300L versions available in Easy, EasyMix, Multi, MultiMix, Opti and OptiMix ranges
  • 400 – 500L versions available in Maxi and MaxiMix ranges



Introducing Joni, our latest product range to Comcater

We are thrilled to announce our latest product range to the Comcater family, Joni commercial kettles.

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Joni is renowned for allowing large scale caterers to produce food faster, safer and easier than ever before.

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