The use of a Tecnomac Blast Chiller is about so much more than HACCP compliance and data recording. It is about understanding the chefs’ dedication to selecting the right ingredients and then perfectly preparing and cooking their food. When food is prepared with care and pride, that same philosophy needs to be applied to the chilling phase to ensure the flavour, texture, colour and nutrients the chef has nurtured during cooking is best preserved.

Tecnomac in partnership with Comcater are best placed to understand the cooking production capacities and care required to best preserve food as we are experts in the hot kitchen. Although often misunderstood, Blast Chilling has little to do with other refrigerated storage or how big a coolroom might be.

Tecnomac units are designed to preserve the quality and organisation of food creation in restaurants, hotels, patisseries, bakeries, ice cream shops, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and production kitchens.

Great power, versatility and reliability are the most evident features of the Tecnomac blast chiller-freezers. Thousands of operators all over the world are already successfully using Tecnomac blast chiller-freezers, thus improving their work, leaving more time for creativity and many ways to SAVE money.




  • Each unit contains a core probe which automatically controls the length of the blast chilling cycle and is easily removed ensuring delicate items aren’t misshaped.
  • 99 user defined programs for automatic blast chilling-freezing of a wide range of products.
  • Tecnomac has moved to use R452A refrigerant in all reach-in Blast Chiller freezers- this means a 45% reduction in GWP (global warming potential) over previous R404A refrigerant gas.
  • An extensive range of tray and trolley models to suit any foodservice or
    manufacturing requirement.
  • Cutting-edge Italian design and manufacturing with a two year parts and labour manufacturing.



  • Built-in USB drive for HACCP control and data download as standard (except BK510/15 units) ensuring food safety and quality.
  • Dedicated cycle for ice cream production with a non stop -45°C program to quickly freeze ice cream and Gelato to perfection.
  • The new Dynamic Frost Control Algorithm limits the formation of the ice during chilling, especially with small loads to guarantee food consistency.
  • Soft blast chilling, hard blast chilling and blast freezing as standard on all units to ensure quality and hygiene in food processing.
  • Dual suitability tray / rack allows for GN 1/1 and 600 x 400mm trays and is specifically designed to facilitate the air flow, increasing the machine’s efficiency.




“Tecnomac allows us to keep our products for longer periods without losing the quality.  The integrity of the products stays the same and there is no loss of moisture or spoilage. The machines run continuously from 5am until 11pm and it handles each load perfectly, day in, day out. It [the Tecnomac] is a very high performance machine at a reasonable price point.”

The Intercontinental Hotel Adelaide

Tony Hart’s enviable career has seen him travel the world several times over, working in exotic locations, and for some of Australia’s most influential Chefs and Restaurants. No stranger to awards and accolades (most recently, Tasting Australia’s Pastry Chef of the Year) Tony now calls the Intercontinental Hotel Adelaide home, where on any given night…


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he trick with technology is that it never stands still for long, advancing and pushing the conventional boundaries at every turn.

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