It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, it’s fair to say that most Australians have a sweet tooth. Over the last year, 93 per cent of consumers purchased ice cream, according to Nielsen Homescan, highlighting our love for this frozen dessert option.

We might now be in the midst of winter, but this doesn’t stop ice cream from being a fan favourite. As more exotic and innovative flavours appear on the market, ice cream is more than a summer treat – it’s an important part of celebrations and occasions over the entire year.

So, if your restaurant or cafe wants to join this ice cream revolution, your product needs to meet the expectations of a demanding public. Here’s what you need to know about the science of ice cream and what equipment will work best.

What makes ice cream so good?

Ice cream remains very popular in Australia.

When customers tuck into a scoop of ice cream, their focus will be on elements such as flavour and texture. However, to get ice cream to this stage, chefs and other kitchen staff must get the recipe exactly right and understand the complexity of ingredients.

In order for ice cream to have that creaminess, flavour and soft texture that makes it so appealing, it needs to be shock frozen as quickly as possible following whisking. This helps micro ice crystals and air bubbles to form in the mixture – the basis for creamy and soft ice cream. Blast freezing also assists the creation of a thin surface barrier that ensures air is retained and the ice cream is able to keep its shape.

Put simply, ice cream doesn’t like changes in temperature. The longer that the mixture sits at room temperature, the more ice crystals that will melt. When these are frozen again, the ice crystals will be larger, which takes away some of the creaminess. Customers certainly know the difference between quality and sub-standard ice cream so getting this balance right is key.

Creating inventive ice cream flavours

One of the benefits of ice cream is its flexibility. Whether it’s added to a hot slice of apple pie or a children’s sundae, there are always new ways that restaurants and cafes can leave their customers with a sweet end to their meal.

Recently, ice cream giants Ben & Jerry’s released a list of crazy trends that are gaining momentum around the world. While they might not fit into your existing menu, they could just offer that dash of inspiration needed for a new dessert option!

Alternative ice cream sandwiches 

Sounds simple, right? Well, instead of using wafers, people are using everything from macarons and cupcakes to donuts and croissants. You could even try stacking them as high as possible for that wow factor!

Savory ice cream flavours

According to another trend, ice cream doesn’t even need to be sweet! Many restaurants are creating ice cream based around garlic, rosemary and even cheese. As a way to spice up your menu, you could serve ice cream with your mains!

Tecnomac blast chillers and freezers

If you want to produce high quality ice cream for your customers, there is no looking past the comprehensive product range from Tecnomac. Tecnomac blast freezers, such as the BK516, come with a special freezing function for ice cream to ensure it’s creamy, smooth and tasty every time.

The Tecnomac BK516 Commercial Blast Chiller and Freezer is the perfect entry level unit.

The Tecnomac brand is known for its efficiency, durability and performance – everything that you need when producing complex food such as ice cream. To learn more about the range, get in touch with our expert team today.

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