We Have A Huge Range Of Bratt Pans For Any Commercial Kitchen

Bratt Pans are perfect for many kitchens, as they are getting smaller and smaller in an effort to provide as much space as possible to customers, there’s a growing need for chefs to get as much output as possible from their commercial cooking equipment.

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Bratt Pans

There are plenty of different units that aim to facilitate this, but when it comes to sheer volume there are few appliances that can match the volume of a high quality bratt pan.
A bratt pan is all but essential to any kitchen aiming to provide large quantities of food. Many of these environments are places such as hospitals or schools, but there’s also a very important place for these units in restaurants – especially if they’re trying to drawn in large groups of customers. Regardless of the size of your client base, Comcater can help fit out any kitchen with the perfect bratt pan.

The Perfect Bratt Pan

Bratt comes from the German word ‘brat’, meaning ‘fry’, but this perhaps a misleading way of viewing the technology. Bratt pans can indeed fry food, but they can also braise, poach and perform a vast range of other tasks, making them ideal if you’re looking to save a little space. The pans are also typically quicker to heat that most ranges or cooktops, which allows them to operate more efficiently and consistently without losing temperature and costing you in terms of energy.
Finally, bratt pans are practical, too, thanks to the uniformity of the cooking surface which tilts for easy serving and transfer between stations. When you’ve finished service, cleaning the pan is easy and requires far less effort than other frying or grilling surfaces.

Comcater’s Bratt Pan Brands

Comcater provides a wide range of different bratt pans, depending on the specific needs of your kitchen in terms of size, functionality and even power source.
Firstly there are the stylish options from Mareno. Designed and made in Italy, these aesthetically stunning bratt pans are perfect for open kitchens, but don’t be fooled by their glamour – when it comes to rugged cooking power there’s more then enough to keep even the busiest kitchen cooking.
Then there’s the innovative bratt pans from Cleveland, which come in a variety of different high-volume sizes to satisfy even the largest of client-bases. Cleveland’s bratt pans are also available as either gas or electric options, which means they can be easily slotted into any existing fit-out without having to worry about juggling different power sources.
And of course, regardless of which range you choose from, all of Comcater’s bratt pans feature the essentials such as easy tilting, complete control over temperature and durable construction to stand up to the hustle and bustle of a busy cooking environment.

An Advanced Option

Finally, if you’re looking for a more advanced option that can fulfil your bratt needs in addition to a host of other processes, then the RATIONAL VarioCookingCenter may be just the thing for you. This all-in-one piece of incredibly powerful cooking technology can operate as a bratt pan as well as a deep fryer, tilting kettle, stovetop and pressure cooker. Combining all of these different processes into one allows you to save space, energy and perhaps most importantly, time. No more flitting from station to station, the VCC can do it all.
If you have any further questions on which bratt pan is best for you and your business, get in touch with Comcater today. Our helpful team will be more than happy to assist.