Designed and manufactured in Italy to the highest specifications, Mareno represents quality on every level and delivers high efficiency cooking ranges for performance, appeal, reliability and versatility. Both the Mareno Star 70 and the Star 90 Series consist of a wide range of appliances from gas and electric ovens to deep fryers, griddle plates, pasta cookers, bain maries, chrome grills and induction models.




  • Wide range of appliances from gas and electric ovens to deep fryers, griddle plates, pasta cookers, bain maries, chrome grills and induction models.
  • Two series to choose from: the Star 70 Series and the Star 90 Series, perfect for those with smaller budgets or requiring a heavy duty option.
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy to the highest specifications.
  • Each series has over 130 models split into 18 product ‘families’ to satisfy every requirement for performance, power, function and modular design.
  • Industry leading 2 year parts and labour warranty.


  • Reliable, innovative and truly stylish, Mareno is perfect for the open kitchen needs of today’s restaurants, hotels and fine food establishments.
  • Mareno’s cantilever options are also visually appealing and provide ease of cleaning as there are no legs or plinths.
  • Both the Star 70 and 90 Series offer maximum efficiency models that save time and money.
  • Strength and durability guaranteed plus customise your design to ensure maximum kitchen flexibility.
  • Attractive and appealing design available in any RAL colour for that added “wow” factor.



Cutler & Co.

“For the new kitchen I wanted a cooking range that was not only extremely functional and top of the line, but was also really aesthetically beautiful, and that’s why I went with the Mareno range. It’s beautiful to look at, really easy to clean and we get a lot of compliments on how clean it is. The range has great power; the burners themselves have got incredible grunt but the actually temperature mechanism is quite sensitive, so you can quite easily cook at extremely high or low temperatures.”

Scalabrini Village

Scalabrini is an aged care provider with 6 villages across NSW. The villages provide the full range of care, in a homelike environment, for more than 700 residents. Scalabrini had long run with a tried and tested tray meal service; however, in an effort to improve their food safety and delivery temperatures they looked for…


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Beachside Pavilion

“The other new piece of kit was a Garland Target Top – it’s just fantastic! I’ve never worked with one before. You can fit a lot more pots and pans on it and move them around the heat without turning down the gas. It occupies the same footprint as a 4 burner but can fit about 8 pans on it.”

Santa Monica

The team behind the Bellezza Group has helped transform the café and food scene in Brisbane delivering a string of establishments including Bar Pacino, Bellezza Espresso Bar, Espresso Veloce, 11th Hour Catering, Short Street Espresso, Chocolate Soldier, Punch Espresso Bar and Café Pacino.



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