GAUGE YOUR RANGE: how to find the perfect cooking range for your restaurant

The core element of all commercial kitchens, a quality cooking range can transform not only your menu, but your entire kitchen operation.

If you have ever been in the market for a commercial cooking range, you’ve likely done a lot of research before deciding on your investment. But with so many options available on the market, choosing the right cooking range can be overwhelming.

Standard considerations when buying a range are:

  • Gas type
  • Electrical requirements
  • Menu
  • Space
  • Aesthetics
  • Usage
  • Budget

At Comcater, we believe that each unique business should have a cooking range tailor made for their specific requirements. This is why we carry three very different brands of commercial kitchen equipment to suit every budget, every space and every chef. Here’s a quick rundown of the ranges we carry and the types of kitchens these best suit.

Mareno – the open kitchen experts

The trend towards the open kitchen has exploded onto the Australian food scene and is presenting new challenges for both chefs and business owners alike. Customers are now heading out to view reality cooking shows in real life, wetting the appetite with the sounds, sights and smells of the kitchen. Conscious of what can be seen; chefs have turned to the Mareno range, providing the perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality and design.

Upon first glance it’s immediately evident why the Mareno range works so well in an open kitchen. Designed for the modern kitchen that is always on show, the Mareno range offers the perfect blend of sophisticated European design and total flexibility with its ergonomic design, providing the incredible freedom of a modular system. With over 140 gas and electric appliances and benches to choose from and each module fitting seamlessly into the next, a beautifully put together and customised cooking line up is created exactly to your specifications. Whether you are a fan of bright yellow or a lover of sleek silver, Mareno allows you to take your kitchen to the next level by allowing for your range to be produced in any RAL colour. With two lines to choose from – the Star 70 Restaurant Series and Star 90 Heavy Duty Series – customers can mix and match items depending on budget or usage requirements.

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Garland – the tank of the ranges world

If you are working from an industrial or catering kitchen or are amongst the growing number of restaurants offering all day dining, your equipment needs to be as hardworking as you are. For heavy to extra heavy duty application, the Garland cooking range is up for the challenge, offering reliability, high performance and durability for years of dependable use.

When using a Garland, precision and power are guaranteed. The magic is in the exclusive patented cast-iron ‘Starfire Pro’ burners that deliver heat evenly to the base of the pan, not the sides, to produce uniform cooking results. Whether you require a gentle simmer for the most delicate of sauces to a full power boil, accurate temperature control and fast recovery is guaranteed for decades to come. The protected individual burner pilots eliminate spillover outages, while split ergonomic grates and two-piece burners make cleaning easy and safe. At 692mm deep, the Garland Heavy Duty Restaurant range has the largest usable cooking surface in the industry. The new grate design allows the pots to slide easily across the surface from burner to burner, fitting six by 300mm pots easily. In addition, the Garland’s chef oven is so large it holds standard full size sheet pans in either direction. These clever features enable kitchens to prepare large quantities at a much quicker rate, providing significant energy, labour and time savings. With over 140 years of experience, and three distinct series – Heavy Duty Restaurant, Extra Heavy Duty Master and Heavy Duty Electric – available to suit your needs, Garland will handle even the busiest food service with ease.

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Trueheat – designed for restaurants and cafes

Designed with Australian restaurant and cafe kitchens in mind, Trueheat’s all-purpose gas cooking equipment features quality stainless steel construction and a modular design to offer total flexibility. Presenting mix-n-match range top with burner or grill combinations plus the convenience of matching fryer and salamander, Trueheat equipment is versatile enough for any commercial cooking needs. Featuring powerful 24mj open burners for consistent heat transfer, cast iron Euro look ‘matt’ finish trivets for lasting durability, plus flame failure cut-off devices as standard across the range – Trueheat combines power, performance and safety.

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