Alto-Shaam has been at the forefront of providing foodservice equipment solutions for over 50 years. Since Alto-Shaam first introduced Halo Heat® in 1968, thousands of foodservice operations throughout the world have enthusiastically welcomed this concept for both cooking and maintaining foods at optimum serving temperatures.




  • Alto-Shaam is recognised as a world leader in cooking and holding technologies, with more than 50 years experience providing foodservice solutions to customers worldwide.
  • Alto-Shaam’s unique Halo Heat® technology surrounds the food you need to cook or hold with a constant, uniform ‘halo’ of radiant heat then slowly brings food to the peak of perfection.
  • Halo Heat® cooking and holding retains more natural product moisture, provides less product waste and shrinkage, and offers greater customer product acceptance in both product appearance and taste.
  • Extensive product range including Cook & Hold ovens, Smoker ovens, Drawer Warmers, Holding Cabinets, Banquet Carts, Hot Wells and Carving Stations.
  • Found in some of the most high profile kitchens across the globe and winner of more than ten consecutive Foodservice Equipment & Suppliers Best in Class Awards.


  • Reduces energy consumption – saving on electricity, gas and water consumption which in turn helps the earth just as much as it helps your bottom line.
  • Reduces food waste – when food is cooked and held perfectly, less of it ends up in the landfill. Alto-Shaam offers precise temperature and humidity controls to help reduce wastage in your venue.
  • Increases flavours – with Alto-Shaam’s Halo Heat® technology, food is slowly cooked to perfection and held without any risk of shrinkage or loss of moisture, texture or flavour.
  • Consistency is key – with simple manual or digital controls, each Alto-Shaam product is easy to use ensuring a consistent quality product every time, across any location.
  • Fast return on investment – with savings in utilities and food costs, combined with better food production, Alto-Shaam customers find a faster return on investment than comparable competitor products.



Twelve Boar

“Sourcing the right equipment was really important. We were looking for an electric smoker oven as it minimises labour. Wood burning ovens are labour intensive and we just don’t have the time for that not to mention that duplicating the setup becomes really hard. We cook our brisket overnight so that it is ready in the morning. We can easily hold it in the Alto-Shaam for 12 hours right through to evening service. We don’t have to worry about losing yield; it (the brisket) maintains a good size, stays warms, soft and moist.”

Dinner By Heston

Born in a small town in Dorsett, England, Chef Ashley Palmer-Watts began his culinary career like many others: working for a local restaurant at 13 years old. Ashley joined Blumenthal at The Fat Duck in 1999, moving up the ranks to sous chef in 2001, and becoming head chef two years after that. Today, he…


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