Founded near Milan, Italy, in 1985, Brema has been specialising in ice production for over 30 years. The company has developed into a global leader in high quality commercial ice making equipment, manufacturing over 50,000 units per year and exporting its machines to countries all over the world.

Automatic Washing System (AWS)

Clean your ice maker with ease. Maintenance now made simple with the new Brema Automatic Washing System (AWS) available on 23g Square Ice cube machines. The new product will quickly and easily clean your ice machine without specific tools…only your hands will be needed




  • Brema understands that each customer is unique in some way, so the company continues to undertake research and develop a wide range of specialist products that best fit differing market segments.
  • Brema’s comprehensive range caters for cafés, bars, restaurants, hotels, fast food outlets, nightclubs, fish markets, hospitals, transport and storage.
  • 3 years parts and labour warranty plus backed by WaterMark approvals on all products.
  • Free external water filter and pressure limiting valve with every machine purchase


  • All Brema units are electromechanical machines made with no PC boards, meaning the units are far more reliable and less costly to repair.
  • Brema units are also designed to operate in the Australian climate with a 21°C ambient and 15°C water temperature rating, whereas most competitors are rater no higher than 10°C.
  • Unlike competitor products, Brema units have removable spray arms and filters for easy cleaning without the use of any tools.
  • Cutting edge Italian design and manufacturing with tailored solutions for any space and volume specifications.



Raw Energy

“We were after an ice that was smaller than the regular cubes but not like flakes. The Brema TB series and was exactly what we were after. A versatile ice that could be used for blending, display and straight into drinks.  The best advantage is to be able to completely eliminate ice crystals that could remain when using cubes.”

The Groove Train

With 24 locations nationally and no signs of slowing soon, The Groove Train has exemplified the Quick Service Restaurant Scene in Australia. Achieving store and menu consistency across multiple franchisees is a difficult operation; however, this is something that The Groove Train has managed to achieve and continues to deliver. “Whilst the presentation of food


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How to choose the best ice for your business [infographic]

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“Ice making is our passion”: an interview with Brema’s Alessandro Maroli

We caught up with Alessandro Maroli, Sales Manager and son of the company founder to discuss what sets BREMA apart.

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