Why every restaurateur should be open to an open kitchen

One of the biggest food revolutions of the twenty first century has been the increased importance of transparency. 

From stricter regulations on how we label the food found in supermarkets, to citing nutritional values of the food served in fast food restaurants, consumers are far more interested in where their food comes from and how it is made. This trend has carried its way right through to fine dining restaurants, where an open kitchen allows customers direct access to information about the conditions in which their meal is prepared.

There are of course some risks with investing in an open kitchen at your venue; however, these risks are far outweighed by the rewards a stunning open kitchen can reap. Here are some of the benefits of investing in an open kitchen design.


An open kitchen means you trust your staff to uphold the best practices when it comes to the hygiene, cleanliness and manner with which food is prepared in your kitchen. By trusting your staff to work in clear sight of the customer, your customers in turn trusts your restaurant, something which can be difficult to obtain in the world of marketing spiel and closed door kitchens.

In addition to this, the added transparency allows for customers to see exactly how their meal is prepared, allowing you to showcase the skilled ways in which your chefs turn fresh ingredients into mouth-watering meals.


With the widespread popularity of shows like MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules, an open kitchen allows you to capitalise on the entertainment factor of the cooking process. An open kitchen adds drama and excitement to your meals, allowing chefs to engage customers with a passion for cooking.

It’s not just about the entertainment of seeing your meal made – hearing the sizzles from the frypan and smells from the commercial oven awaken ones senses and allows for a full sensory experience at your restaurant.


If you’re thinking about opting for an open kitchen design, you need something both aesthetically pleasing but powerful and efficient at the same time. This is where the new Mareno Star Series comes in, which is currently being used by some of Australia’s most lauded restaurants, including Melbourne’s Va Tutto Restaurant.

“I love an open kitchen,” Va Tutto owner Paul Recinella tells Front Burner Magazine. “When people can see how their meals are prepared it adds to the experience. When you have an open kitchen the equipment needs to look good, but obviously it still needs to be powerful and efficient to support the business. Mareno does that.”

Check out our video on how Mareno makes for the perfect open kitchen.

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