Can your grills handle the heat during service?

Griddle plates, char grills, broilers, barbeques, chrome grills, flat grills – many of these products boast being the best for producing a juicy burger.

But which product is best? Royal Stacks owner Dani Zeini did his best to trial them all in his efforts to set up Melbourne’s hottest new Burger Bar.

Keeping up with the time demands of the quick service industry can be extremely difficult to manage, especially when you’re cooking to order. For Royal Stacks owner Dani Zenini, choosing the right type and the right amount of grills was paramount in ensuring service demands could be met.

“This business is a bit of a prototype with the style of service we’re offering and we wanted to keep those wait times down a lot,” said Dani. “Were freshly cooked to order, so how do you get your times down wand also have freshly cooked products?”

Dani tried the Mareno Chrome Grill 90 Series for the first time at the Comcater Showroom, and straight way he knew these grills were key to keeping wait times down and food quality up.

“As soon as I put that first patty on the grill I knew straight away… it cooked it perfectly, the heat penetrated the meat, seared it on the outside with some good caramelisation,” said Dani. “The cooking time is really quick on it [the Mareno grills] and it doesn’t drop heat as frequently as iron grills, and it’s also not porous. And also down to being earth friendly, when we clean it were only using ice and water which for me sits really well with the ethos.”

With an industry leading 2 year warranty of parts and labour matched with stylish Italian design, Mareno’s grills, ranges and full line up of commercial kitchen equipment is the perfect fit for any restaurant or QSR.

Find out more about Mareno and Royal Stacks by watching the video below:

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