Why choose Cambro Commercial Shelving?

When it comes to doing a fit out for a commercial foodservice business, it is important to consider exactly which products and materials you will choose to equip your kitchen with commercial kitchen equipment. Whether you’re a high turnover establishment, doing hundreds of covers a night, or a more intimate setting, your commercial kitchen will undoubtedly be put through its paces day after day.

In a high-pressure environment, you can’t afford to have equipment let you down. This doesn’t just apply to cooking equipment, either. Fortunately, this is where Cambro comes in with its range of purpose-built shelving solutions for busy catering environments. Here’s why you should consider investing in commercial shelving with Cambro.

Upgrading your old shelving 

Shelving in the commercial foodservice environment must be capable of withstanding considerable amounts of abuse, from relentless loading and unloading to dragging heavy ingredients and trays across the shelves. In fact, many people don’t realise the strain such equipment is under until fixtures begin to deteriorate, or break completely.

This is why Cambro’s shelving is constructed with durable, food grade materials that are rust, stain and odour resistant. Old, outdated shelving can not only be a structural risk – with its collapse potentially damaging expensive supplies or equipment – but it can also pose a threat to sanitation.

Food safety can be comprised should products come into contact with rust or any other buildup. This can make for unwanted complications regarding the integrity of your fresh produce, as well as during health inspections. By replacing your old shelving with a more durable solution, or choosing quality storage equipment from the start with Cambro, you’ll not only be investing for the future, but ensuring that high food safety standards are upheld.

In the fast-paced kitchen environment, you need shelving you can rely on.

The Cambro difference 

Rather than swapping out your tired old shelving with the same model, it’s well worth investigating some of the options available today. Designed to stand the test of time and coming with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion, Cambro provides a reliable solution that can save you both time and money in the years to come.

Each of Cambro’s shelving lines offers flexible storage solutions with multiple configuration options to fit any floor area, in addition to incorporating shared post designs to maximise the available space. Easy to assemble and install, Cambro shelving is also simple to maintain, with a non-porous surface that can be easily wiped clean. Alternatively, the shelf plates can also be removed and loaded into a commercial dishwasher.
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Whether you need shelving for a dry, hot area, or inside a freezer, Cambro’s HACCP standard products won’t let you down. Be sure to fill in the form on this page to future-proof your commercial kitchen today or get a quote.

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