Running you through Comenda’s revolutionary CRC condensing and heat recovery system

Comenda has a reputation as an environmentally responsible brand, and this is especially important within the world of a commercial dishwasher.

These pieces of machinery can be enormous wasters of water and power if not designed for efficiency, and many restaurants or cafes operate units that are out of date and create unpleasant or possibly unsafe working environments.

The team at Comenda are passionate about sustainability – both for your business and our planet, which is why their popular LC700TH passthrough dishwasher now comes with the option of a CRC condensing and heat recovery system. While all Comenda products are designed for maximum efficiency, the CRC unit takes things to a whole new level and provides a wealth of benefits. Let’s explore how it works and what it can bring to your business.

Heat could be put to much better use elsewhere, and that’s what the CRC unit does.

CRC condensing and heat recovery systems

The CRC unit is an accessory for Comenda’s hood-type dishwashers, and it works as a steam condenser. Everybody who’s ever worked in a kitchen knows what it’s like at the end of a cleaning cycle when air is exhausted. Humid steam pours out, filling the room, obscuring vision and making the environment a little unpleasant. This is caused by the very hot water used during the final stages of a wash cycle, and when the dishwasher is opened up, all of that heat escapes.

Not only is this a nuisance for staff, but it’s also a waste of energy. The heat could be put to much better use elsewhere, and that’s what the CRC unit does. By cooling any air before it gets exhausted from the machine, a commercial dishwasher can operate much more pleasantly and economically. It’s also important to note that this solution has no impact on the dishes themselves. Some people might think that using cooler water is an easier way to prevent steam, but the potential for this to impact hygiene standards is just unacceptable. Condensing provides a better option, but the benefits don’t just stop at reducing steam.

Benefits of the CRC system

We know that less steam creates a more pleasant working environment, but this can be in more ways than you’d think. Yes, dishwashing staff don’t have to worry about high humidity or clouded windows, but a bigger impact is the reduction of mould that will grow in the kitchen. This keeps the workplace pleasant, safe, hygienic and cheaper to clean – ideal for any business.

The unit doesn’t simply remove heat from the dishwasher, it actively reuses it through the reallocation of energy.

There are also more practical considerations to bear in mind. For example, there are lots of kitchens located inside old or historic buildings. Steam exhaust can wreck havoc with these older structures, and coming up with external exhaust options can be something of a hassle. All of that can be avoided with efficient reuse of heat, and with no filters to swap out, the CRC unit adds no extra maintenance to your commercial dishwasher.

Speaking of business concerns, the CRC unit can also have a substantial impact on your bottom line. This is because the unit doesn’t simply remove heat from the dishwasher, it actively reuses it through the reallocation of energy to the machine’s cold water supply. When all is said and done, you can expect power savings of up to 30 per cent when using the condenser. That’s a big deal, but when you consider all the other benefits as well, investing in the unit is an absolute no-brainer.

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