Zumbo’s empire is expanding –Australia’s leading patissier and regular Masterchef guest now has nine retail spaces across the country. In all locations, kitchen areas are viewable by the customers.  It is as if Adriano wants his staff to take just as much credit for his success, and he gets the desired outcome with customers spending almost as much time watching his staff as they do admiring the end product.

Adriano Zumbo’s association with Comcater’s products is through Anthony Stambolis, Project – Equipment Specification & Key Accounts at Hospitality Depot in Sydney.  Adriano and Anthony’s relationship is a strong one whereby Anthony utilises his experience and expert knowledge to find solutions for Adriano’s requirements of the best commercial food products in the world.  Adriano is especially pleased about his Tecnomac T14 blast chiller/freezer and TC60-C holding cabinets of which he now has four.

When asked about the benefits of the blast chiller/freezer, Adriano states, “It allows us to keep our products for longer periods without losing the quality.  The integrity of the products stays the same and there is no loss of moisture or spoilage.”  Adriano adds, “The machines run continuously from 5am until 11pm and it handles each load perfectly, day in, day out.”

And why does he buy Tecnomac? Simply put: “It is a very high performance machine at a reasonable price point”.

Adriano likes the fact that the TC60-C holding cabinets have two doors – one above the other – meaning that his products can be separated into sections very easily making his kitchen much more organised.  Adriano adds, “The humidity control in the TC60-Cs is great – there is no condensation and the cakes and pastries keep extremely well.  Ideally, people in my line of business should spend good money on quality holding cabinets rather than a cool room.”



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