Red Rooster


Red Rooster has a rich history as Australia’s largest home-grown quick service restaurant brand and is the only one specialising in roast chicken. Founded in 1972, the fast-food chain opened its first restaurant in Kelmscott WA, and has since successfully spread the passion for roast chickens right across suburban, regional and rural Australia.

With the menu constantly changing, Red Rooster needs equipment that is versatile and long-lasting. To ensure this, Red Rooster has been a long-term customer of Comcater.

“Comcater is a very strategic partner for Red Rooster,” said Red Rooster CEO Chris Green. “Comcater not only assists us with the supply of commercial kitchen equipment, they also assist by developing training for our franchise network and the maintenance of the equipment. There will always be breakdowns and user errors but most importantly when there is a problem we need to know we can get it fixed quickly and correctly. So it’s a very important relationship.”

The partnership between Red Rooster and Comcater spans across three decades.

“Red Rooster has been using RATIONAL commercial ovens for close to 30 years now,” explains Chris. “The RATIONAL ovens replaced the rotisserie ovens and reduced the cook time from 1 ½ hours to 55 minutes. RATIONAL ovens provide great consistency. From a quality prospective and you can also cook a variety of things which we can cook in the oven. It’s been a long partnership and it’s a very important piece of equipment and gives us some great advantages.”

Chris says the RATIONAL ovens are being used for much more than just their famous chooks.

“RATIONAL ovens are not only an important piece of equipment in our restaurants today but are also a very important piece of equipment for our menu of the future. Our menus are constantly changing, we are forever putting new products on it (RATIONAL) and it’s quite easy to program.”

You can’t enjoy Red Rooster without their famous chips, and Frymaster plays a vital role in this.

“The Frymaster commercial deep fryer is an important part of the Red Rooster kitchen as they not only they cook our chips but they also cook cheesy nuggets, chicken strips and chicken nuggets; there is a lot of product that goes through them,” says Chris.

With the recent introduction of a home delivery service and an expanding restaurant network which now includes Tasmania, Red Rooster is ensuring every Aussie has access to the iconic “Tender Loving” roast chickens they are famous for.

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