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From breakfast, burgers and beyond, eggs are increasingly becoming a must-have an item on any QSR menu. And we’ve got an eggcellent way to ensure yours are cooked to perfection each and every time without a single chef insight.

Whether it’s poached with smashed avo on toast or fried and thrown on a juicy burger, millennials love their eggs. QSR operators should also love this trend as it means they can charge more for an egg as an add-on and gives them an easy way to extend their breakfast menu.

No matter what time of day, today’s QSR operators need a reliable way to offer fresh eggs, cooked to order, that taste and look delicious. Most operators turn to a grill or griddle to cook eggs, but this method can be unreliable, can lead to cross-contamination, takes up valuable grill space and requires constant monitoring by staff to ensure the egg isn’t overcooked.

Antunes’ Egg Stations, however, offer an efficient and hassle-free way to make eggs with a dedicated piece of commercial kitchen equipment. Check out the short video below to learn more about cooking with Egg Stations.

What are the benefits of using an Egg Station instead of a grill?

Egg Stations eliminate the risk of cross-contamination by providing a dedicated area for eggs — away from raw meat and other ingredients. This frees up valuable grill space for better-suited items (like hamburgers) and ensures your eggs are 100% vegetarian and not at risk of cross-contamination.

Egg Stations don’t require a hood, meaning they can be used front or back of the house and utilised by any QSR setup (from convenience stores to drive through coffee shops to burger chains). They are also compact and easy to clean.

These units allow you to cook your eggs with a timer ensuring consistently cooked eggs and eliminating user errors and wasted product. Egg Stations use heat and steam to cook perfectly moist and delicious eggs every time, without the temperature variances sometimes found on a grill.

Whether you are looking for an ideal way to keep up with breakfast demands or expand menus to meet consumer trends, Egg Stations provide a reliable way for operators to handle capacity crowds, serve extended breakfast hours and maintain quality and consistency on the line.

Maybe it’s time to leave the grill to the burgers and bacon?

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