The future of kitchen management is here with RATIONAL’s Connected Cooking

Released in Setember 2017, ConnectedCooking is the world’s most state-of-the-art cloud-based networking solution for professional kitchens.

Whether you own one RATIONAL combi or several, ConnectedCooking will revolutionise the way you manage your kitchen. It offers assistance exactly when you need it, takes time-consuming activities off of your hands, and ensures the food safety you expect in your kitchen. 

“Networked kitchens are Rational’s big focus for the future,” says Mark Sweeting, General Manager of RATIONAL Australia, of the tie-up. “We feel that it’s important to make access to it as straight forward as possible for our customers.”

As such, all login data from the previous ConnectedCooking platofrm remains valid, and old and new members alike can now register once and use everything ConnectedCooking 2.0 can offer. 

So what does ConnectedCooking 2.0 offer?

With ConnectedCooking, you always know what’s going on in your kitchen, and you can even make adjustments when you are not on site. Key features include:

  • Recieve push notifications straight to your phone, tablet or PC on everything and anything happening with your SelfCookingCenter® and VarioCookingCenter® units. Any time a unit is ready to load, finishes a cooking process, or needs service, you’ll receive real-time information no matter where you are.
  • The Remote Access feature lets you control any of your connected units quickly and easily using your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Imagine being able to grab a morning coffee and adjust the cook settings of a particular unit from 100km away.
  • Remote access also means you’re able to monitor the current cooking cabinet climate and remaining cooking times, so that you can quickly figure out which unit will be free next.
  • Advanced menu management featues means you are able to distribute cooking programs across multiple sites, ensuring food consistency across every one of your kitchens. If you purchase additional RATIONAL units, you can quickly transfer your personalised settings to your new equipment, so that you can always be sure that every one of your units is set up exactly the way you want it.
  • You’ll never be out of date with ConnectedCooking 2.0, with the program automatically updating free of charge with no manual intervention needed. Just start the update process – the unit will take care of the rest.

“When ConnectedCooking was released in Spring, I was one of the first to connect their kitchen,” says Torsten Machold, Head of Product Management Aveato Business Catering. “I was won over not only by its benefit for everyday work in my branches, but also due to the fact that my data are absolutely secure, as it uses the latest encryption technology.” Would he recommend it? “Absolutely,” he asserts. “My working day would look very different without it.”

To find out more about this exciting advancement in cloud based kitchen management, fill in our form or get in touch with Comcater today.

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