Want to know the ROI on your pizza oven?

The Australian Pizza Industry has experienced considerable change over the past 5 years, with many operators struggling to keep up with the changing nature of the market.

Whilst increased competition, costly store rental rates and growing utility costs cannot be controlled by operators, serving high-quality pizza efficiently and consistently can be controlled simply by investing in the right commercial pizza oven.

Commercial pizza ovens, like all commercial kitchen equipment, come at an expense. For many independent pizza shop owners, finding the most budget oven on the market is often seen as the most desirable option.

But what if we told you that by investing in a high performing top-of-the-market pizza oven, it could pay itself off in just 6 weeks?

If you’re in the pizza biz, you will know of the Lincoln brand. It’s voted Best In Class by the Food Service Equipment Suppliers Magazine Awards year after year, and with good reason. Standard features of its flagship 1400 series include FastBake™ technology, with operators using Lincoln experiencing 2-4 times faster cook times compared to conventional ovens and a 30% increase in speed compared to other impingement technologies. Its Patented Direct Drive means no conveyor belt (leading to decreased service downtime and costly repairs), whilst allowing greater productivity in your venue as staff do not need to monitor the cooking process or tend to pizzas whilst they are being cooked. This also means that you can say goodbye to burnt pizza bases!

All of these benefits may sound good, but they are about to sound even better when we tell you that you could reap all of these benefits and receive a return on your investment within the first 6 weeks of ownership*. Yep, you can pay off this top of the line pizza oven without increasing your customer base at all.

Watch the video to find out how!

If you are curious to learn more, or want us to help you work out how quickly you can pay off your new pizza oven, please fill in the form and an expert will be in touch!

Or shop the Lincoln range today at https://www.comcater.com.au/product-category/commercial-cooking-equipment/commercial-ovens/commercial-pizza-oven/

Are you an independent pizza shop operator? Want to learn the secrets that helped Domino’s dominate the Australian pizza market? Be sure to check out our industry report where we reveal all!

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*Figures quoted are estimated figures based on a model in a typical Australian commercial kitchen. Actual cost savings and any profits will depend on individual circumstances. For more information or to tailor results to your circumstances please contact your Comcater representative.

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