What makes Mibrasa the best charcoal oven on the market?

Mibrasa charcoal ovens take all the great taste and rustic techniques of traditional charcoal cooking, and transform the process into something more manageable for a commercial kitchen.

They are a superb way for any business to diversify their output and create a USP. However, what makes these products so good? In this article, we’ll focus on the different Mibrasa oven advantages, including the company’s history, construction quality and versatility, plus its use in Michelin starred restaurants.

Mibrasa – built strong, built versatile

The Mibrasa brand originates from the heart of Spain where cooking equipment is built with strength and reliability in mind. The range is manufactured from the finest quality materials and is heavily insulated to maximise life span.

Additionally, it would be unwise to forget the heavy-duty cooking grill shelves inside the ovens, which are hand welded from high-grade stainless steel. This feature of the Mibrasa range is indicative of the brand’s dedication and commitment to producing the finest charcoal commercial ovens on the market.

With a charcoal oven, chefs can step back in time and enjoy a more traditional cooking method – not just pressing a button and letting an oven ‘automatically’ cook the food. Charcoal cooking is versatile, hands-on and creative allowing chefs to push the limits of a menu.

A star in Michelin restaurants

Mibrasa charcoal ovens are used in Michelin-starred restaurants around the world and time and time again prove their value. While a Michelin star means that the kitchen is filled with some of the globe’s greatest chefs, it’s also in part thanks to the cooking equipment that they use.

Take Swedish restaurant Esperanto for example. The 1-Michelin-star restaurant located in Stockholm has been awarded the title of ‘Best restaurant in Sweden’ multiple times and has the honour of featuring on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

“With Mibrasa we get another dimension to our gastronomic language.”

Esperanto’s chefs aim for innovative and timeless dishes, based on classical cooking – and the Mibrasa range has helped the kitchen reach this level.

“We want to appeal to all the senses. With Mibrasa we get another dimension to our gastronomic language,” Head Chef Sayan Isaksson explained.

This said, the Mibrasa can be a star in a wide range of kitchens, from gourmet burger bars to these exceptional Michelin-starred restaurants. The trick is to get the right Mibrasa product for the size and scope of your kitchen, which comes down to what your output is.

Benefits of the Mibrasa range

Regardless of whether the kitchen is cooking meat, fish, vegetables or anything else, the Mibrasa range of charcoal ovens continue to deliver under all circumstances. This is due to a number of in-built benefits that shine across the entire range. This includes:

  • Faster and cleaner cooking method compared to an open grill
  • Less charcoal consumption than open grills and other cooking types
  • Greater heat control which increases grilling quality in the kitchen
  • Improved flavour from primal cooking methods

At the end of the day, kitchens are looking for one outcome from their cooking – consistent dishes that their customers love and want to have again. This is why Mibrasa is loved by restaurants across the world, the range helps chefs produce food of a high standard over and over which wows their customers.

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