Why is the Lincoln range of conveyor ovens the fastest in town?

In the fast-paced world of commercial catering, you’ll know how important it is to produce excellent food not only of the highest quality but in a timely manner, too. There are few things worse than promising a sumptuous meal for your customers, only for them to demand a refund after the food comes out cold, and late. These customers are now sure to take their business elsewhere, and you’re unlikely ever to see them again. Or, even worse, they could tell their friends and family about their experience, and with the power of social media, this bad press can spread like wildfire.

Luckily, with the right commercial cooking equipment in place, this nightmare scenario is something that you won’t ever have to face. By investing in one of Comcater’s Lincoln range of conveyor ovens, you’ll have acquired one of the fastest cooking appliances available. The Lincoln range isn’t just about quality pizza cooking either. Rather, it’s possible to bake a broad range of foods, such as focaccia, garlic bread, lamb cutlets, naans and even prime steak. Read on to find out just how the Lincoln range can deliver high quality cooking results, every time, as well as how it can save you money and energy – all in the blink of an eye!

Flying FastBake™ foods 

The core reason behind the Lincoln range’s unrivalled speed is its patented FastBake™ technology. Simply put, it utilises airflow technology that generates a rapid heat transfer – higher than any other impingement technology available. This innovation allows Lincoln products to enjoy outstanding efficiency, cooking many items in record time – without compromising the overall quality of the finished product. FastBake™ will cook up to four times faster than other appliances, and the technology is built into each and every Lincoln unit as standard (aside from the counter-top range). Lightning!

The core reason behind the Lincoln range’s unrivalled speed is its patented FastBake™ technology.

Taste the quality

There’s no point in cooking your food products in double-quick time if they aren’t up to the quality that your customers expect. That’s why the Lincoln range bakes with an unerring, even consistency, never burning bottoms, blackening the tops or failing to cook the centre properly. An even result is guaranteed, and this too is down to FastBake™ technology. Because Lincoln appliances, such as the 1633-NG, are able to transfer heat more efficiently, the baking process will always be of a high standard. The automated conveyor cooking platform ensures that you can also increase production, to satisfy even the busiest of restaurants.

Saving money and time with a Lincoln

Investing in a Lincoln commercial oven will not only save you valuable time, but it can also leave your business a few extra dollars sitting in the bank. How? Well, because the appliances need next-to-no human supervision once your products are placed on the cooking belt, you won’t need to hire as many staff to ensure that the food is cooked properly, and thus, you won’t have to pay the attendant wages. Additionally, the Lincoln range is manufactured by Manitowoc, a company that has won numerous Energy Star® awards. Some Lincoln machines, such as the 2504-1, don’t require ventilation, in some circumstances (local codes prevail), so instaling them is very cost-effect

A Lincoln will not only save you valuable time, but it can also leave your business a few extra dollars sitting in the bank.

Fast, class and built to last

So, we’ve established that the Lincoln appliances are lightning-fast in their cooking processes, delivering consistently excellent results every time, and can help save you money in a variety of ways. There’s yet another string to the Lincoln bow, and that’s their pure durability. The patented direct drive means that you’ll never have to replace a conveyor belt, which can often cost a small fortune. The range is typically low maintenance and easy to clean, so you’ll have no issues on that front.

To put your mind at even further rest, Comcater will service and supply your Lincoln appliance when needed, and you can always phone our 24-hour, seven days a week Service Support Hotline if you need to – fill in the form on this page to find out more. We can help you find the most suitable commercial kitchen equipment.

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