Gloria Jean’s


Gloria Jean’s Coffees is one of the world’s biggest premium coffee chains. Based in Australia, it operates more than 1000 outlets in over 40 countries.

With a menu offering for every coffee lover’s dream and a wide selection of snack and light meal options, Gloria Jean’s has innovation at the heart of the business and through embracing the new drive thru concept. This has allowed the brand to reach a whole new demographic of customers taking into consideration their busy lifestyles and need for convenience, further positioning Gloria Jean’s Coffees as Australia’s leading specialty coffee house.

Opening up any new café is tough work, but for Gloria Jeans’s franchisee Lisa O’Donnell it was more than anticipated.

“Opening up a new store came with a lot of challenges that I had never had much experience with. Gloria Jean’s head office offered a lot of assistance; they came up with the design and selected the location. When it came up for tender we were instantly really interested,” explains Lisa.

When it came to refitting the store, Lisa knew the existing equipment needed an overhaul.

“High speed ovens which we previously used couldn’t support a drive through business. In the past it would take 2.45 minutes to cook a toasty, that isn’t conducive to a drive through style business. With drive through you work to a 2 minute maximum total service delivery time. The Menumaster MXP allows us to service our food offerings so much quicker; a toasty at a push of a button inly takes 45 seconds.”

Lisa says other benefits have come from investing in her new speed commercial ovens.

“The Menumaster MXP is pre-programmed with every menu item, you literally have to push the button with the corresponding image on it and it cooks it perfectly.”

As well as doing hot drinks Gloria Jean’s also serve cold drink like the chocolate chiller and espresso chiller and fruit smoothies.

“We use the Vitamix Quiet One which delivers consistency smooth drinks every time. We put all the ingredients in and are guaranteed that all the ice is completely crushed. We never have to check, it’s just always perfect.”

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