Royal Stacks


A Comcater Burger Day showcasing state of the art equipment fit for burger royalty helped Dani Zeini fitout the King Of Kitchens at Melbourne’s hottest burger joint, Royal Stacks.

With the help of Comcater Area Sales Manager Craig Lategan, the kitchen has been fitted with Dean SR114 commercial fryers, Mareno 90 Series Chrome Grills, a FRANKE chip dump, Comenda LC700TH CRC dishwasher, Alto Shaam Draw Warmers and Dani’s favourite piece of equipment, the Antunes Roundup Vertical Contact toaster.

“It’s just such an amazing piece of technology, whoever invented it deserves a prize,” Dani says about his toaster. “It toasts the bun perfectly every single time in such a short period of time and gives you this golden texture. It’s a phenomenal piece of technology.

“The first time we used it literally my mind was blown… it had the right texture, the right colour with a minimal input from staff. I could almost say it changed my life.”

Turning up the heat and pumping out perfectly grilled burgers are the Mareno 90 Series Chrome Grills.

“As soon as I put that first patty on the grill I knew straight away… it cooked it perfectly, the heat penetrated the meat, seared it on the outside with some good caramelisation,” said Dani. “The cooking time is really quick on it [the Mareno grills] and it doesn’t drop heat as frequently as iron grills, and it’s also not porous. And also down to being earth friendly, when we clean it were only using ice and water which for me sits really well with the ethos.”

The success of the first Royal Stacks in Collins Street Melbourne saw Dani opening a further two stores, one in Melbourne’s hip inner-suburb of Brunswick and most recently opened at Westfield Chatswood in Sydney.

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