Captain Baxter on board with PureVac vacuum packaging technology

Captain Baxter is St Kilda’s beachside cocktail and lounge bar offering uninterrupted views of Port Philip Bay. 

With successful St Kilda restaurants Republica and Encore under his belt, Co-Owner and Executive Chef Matt Dawson has taken inspiration from all corners of the globe, offering an interesting and eclectic menu that is seasonal and designed to be shared.

With plans to double their covers to 300 a night, Matt and his team saw the need to re-evaluate their storage facilities and kitchen processes. The meticulous nature of the menu meant pre-preparation was vital in delivering an efficient service. With this came the challenge of storage space and ensuring that pre-prepared food maintained its quality.

In addition, Matt was conscious of maintaining a HACCP compliant kitchen, keeping a clean, safe kitchen operation and freeing up space to increase productivity and comfort for staff.

300 covers a night means an efficient kitchen is essential.

After discussing his current kitchen challenges and future prospects, Matt’s preferred dealership Cedar Hospitality recommended the PureVac Premier 1635 Vacuum Packaging unit.

PureVac comes from the largest manufacturer of table top commercial vacuum sealer packaging machines in the world, offering the convenience and cost savings of portioning and preparing food in advance without sacrificing product quality.

“We make everything from scratch and with a menu based around share plates and tapas-style dishes, the time, space and labour required to achieve this was rising significantly and was only going to increase with our plans to increase our covers” Matt explains.

“Since purchasing our PureVac Vacuum Packaging Machine, we have significantly reduced our operating costs by pre-preparing the inpidual components of our dishes for later use. Service times are now much quicker and we have also been able to free up space in our once overcrowded cool-room for a safe and HACCP-compliant kitchen.”

Fresh produce all year round is possible with PureVac.

“As much as we are dedicated to making everything ourselves, we are also passionate about sourcing only the highest quality and locally sourced produce. This can be a costly and we were keen to find ways to protect our investment. The PureVac Vacuum Packing Machine really locks in the taste, colour and aroma of the produce. Quality is never sacrificed.”

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