Five ways Garland gear can reduce costs without reducing staff

With more than a half of Australian restaurants, cafes and catering operations experiencing decreased profits over the last three years, finding ways to cut costs without cutting quality is a struggle for many in the foodservice industry. 

RCA Chief Executive John Hart told the Australian Financial Review that restaurants must “outsource everything you possibly can”, and to invest in “pre-prepared things that cost them [restaurants] less in kitchen labour”. But if you aren’t keen on the concept of outsourcing your reservations to a call centre, or buying bulk pre-prepared foods rather than cooking them yourself on site, how can a restaurant owner in the modern age save money without scrapping staff?

In this tough industry, chefs require equipment that’s equally as tough; and Garland is the tank of the ranges world. But did you know that by investing in tougher, stronger, more innovative equipment that you can save thousands from your bottom line? Here’s how:

1: Increased productivity

Garland’s Heavy Duty Restaurant Range offers chefs the largest usable cooking surface in the industry, with its 692mm cook top allowing six 300mL stock pots to fit easily on each burner. This means no more zig zagging pots to fit, plus you’ll be outputting more food than ever from just one cook top.

2: Greater efficiency 

The exclusive Starfire Pro® Burners found on the Garland range concentrates heat directly to the bottom of the pan, rather than out the sides like other burners. This means your food is cooked with a precise, even heat, allowing for improved efficiency and heat control. Moreover, all burners and trivets are made from cast iron, allowing for greater heat retention and durability.

Even heat distribution and efficiency is guaranteed with Garland’s Starfire Pro® Burners

3: More for less

With Garland’s large ovens, you can fit full size gastro norm pans inside both horizontally and vertically. Imagine the increased productivity your kitchen would see simply by fitting two pans to one shelf! In addition to this, the cast iron H oven burner disperses heat effectively to give natural convection without the need to purchase a fan.

4: Decreased cleaning time

The innovative Starfire Pro® Burners have a two piece split design, making them significantly easier to handle, remove and clean.

5: The most durable, long lasting range on offer

Purchasing any commercial kitchen range is a big investment, so why not invest in the most durable, hardworking and long lasting range on offer? With Garland’s fully framed oven door rated to a whopping 204kg, durable cast iron grates and burners, plus the added safety of standing pilots and flame failure protection to all burners, your Garland range will stick with you for years to come.

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