Want the best buns in town? Find out how Royal Stacks do it!

With the burger game in Australia as strong as ever, finding ways to stand out are becoming harder and harder.

Having already made a statement in the Melbourne burger scene with his ‘secret burger menu’ at Dandenong Pavilion, Melbourne foodie Dani Zeini knew he’d have to take some serious risks to make his newest burger venture work.

“I didn’t just want it to be another burger place,” says Dani. “Basically, Royal Stacks was a challenge for myself to see whether I could do a concept that could be a brand and something that I’ve never done before. We’d done some research on what types of grills would be effective and what types of toasters… I’ve been working with Craig [Comcater Area Sales Manager] for a while so I showed him what I want and he gave me some great options.”

To help Dani choose the best family of equipment for Royal Stacks, Comcater’s Craig Lategan held a burger day at the South Melbourne showroom, and tested out a multitude of options for Dani. Eventually, the Antunes Vertical Contact Toaster was selected.

“It’s just such an amazing piece of technology, whoever invented it deserves a prize,” Dani says about his new favourite toy. “It toasts the bun perfectly every single time in such a short period of time and gives you this golden texture. It’s a phenomenal piece of technology.

“The first time we used it literally my mind was blown… it had the right texture, the right colour with a minimal input from staff. I could almost say it changed my life.”

Check out part 1 of our Royal Stacks interview to see how the Roundup Vertical Contact Toaster helps bring the best buns to Royal Stacks!



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