Pathways Residences – Cronulla Pines


Walking through Pathways Cronulla Pines you could be mistaken for being in a high-end resort; with beautiful gardens and extensive views over the adjacent golf course, a hair salon, cafe and a fine dining offering this residence is paving the way in aged cared facilities.

Using fresh, seasonal produce, Executive Chef Barry Rogers creates both beautifully presented and nutritionally balanced menu’s that are freshly prepared on-site every day. The facility features a café, communal dining rooms and also a private dining room which allows family and friends to share in the dining experience.

Having utilised RATIONAL combi ovens at previous Pathways sites, it was a no-brainer for Chef Barry to reorder these for the Cronulla Pines kitchen. But after being invited by RATIONAL Chef Don Gethings to a VCC Cooking Demonstration, Barry was flawed at what the VCC could offer.

“The demonstration was fantastic and I immediately thought that the unit would be perfect for an aged care facility,” explains Barry. “I could do away with the Bratt pan, and a commercial deep fryer and it also negated a lot of work health safety issues as it eliminates heavy lifting. It drains itself, fills itself, it tilts it does everything for you.”

Barry ended up selecting a RATIONAL SCC combi oven, the RATIONAL VCC, a Garland salamander and 4 burner cooktop, a much smaller kitchen footprint than he anticipated thanks to the VCC unit.

“You only really need a RATIONAL combi and VCC, a salamander and a 4 burner stove. Not only are you doing away with purchasing extra equipment but you save on footprint and exhaust/hood size. There are cost savings everywhere by purchasing a VCC, yes they may be expense but the return and saving in the long run and 10 fold.”

He is also utilising the VCC for far more meal preparation than he originally anticipated.

“We use it as deep fryer, we cook poached eggs, we use it to braise in we even cook things over night in it. It really complements the RATIONAL; between the two pieces of equipment they really run the show. The simplicity of it is fantastic – it’s so easy to use. I have pasta cooking on one side and the sauce cooking on the other. It fills itself with water, tells you when to put the pasta in, automatically drains the water when it’s cooked, you add the sauce and the dish goes out! It’s a simple operation.”



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