How to maximise space in a small commercial kitchen

Small restaurants aren’t letting size get in the way of big returns. Often restaurants maximise  the front of house space, with little left over for the kitchen. While this allows more space for paying customers, little room is left for cooking their meals.

However, the latest innovations in storage and equipment have made small kitchens more efficient. By reducing traditional equipment and increasing storage space, small commercial kitchens are cooking quality meals faster in a smaller footprint.


Maximising space in a small commercial kitchen is the essential ingredient for efficiency

Using space to your advantage can actually lead to a larger profit margin. Saving energy, labour and cutting down on waste can be achieved through investing in smart equipment and practical and durable shelving.


Efficient shelving is the recipe for success

Hupfer adjustable wall shelving can store items on the wall space above the sink. As seasons and menus change, so do package sizes. Simply adjust the height of the shelving to stay organised.

Cambro shelving kits and add-on units can make valuable use of your storeroom and coolroom space. The shelves are easily adjustable for changing package sizes. The shared posts and corner connectors allow you to store and access items deep in the corners.

Cambro shelving is perfect for your coolroom, as it comes with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. Staff will spend less time walking in and out of an organised coolroom, saving energy and time.

Easily wipe dripping meat, spilt condiments and broken eggs clean. The shelf can be removed and placed in the dishwasher, rather than hours spent in the coolroom cleaning crevices between a rusted wire rack.


Make use of vertical space

Instead of taking up valuable space on the grill, toast burger buns in as little as 12 seconds in the Antunes toaster. This toaster also takes up a small amount of space on a benchtop because the design is vertical. Place buns in the top and they feed out toasted to a consistent quality at the bottom.


Use multifunctional equipment

Multipurpose equipment, such as Menumaster ovens have multiple functions in a small footprint. Toasting, baking, reheating and browning can all be done in one piece of equipment without a hood or any venting needed. Meals are cooked fast. Small cafes, petrol stations, QSR and pubs benefit from the microwave, convection and impingement heat. Nachos, pizzas and curries can be cooked at a moment’s notice.

RATIONAL iCombi ovens also save space while being multi-functional. The iCombi can steam, roast, bake and poach in one piece of equipment. Different menu items can be cooked together, as the trays are monitored individually.


Stack equipment as your business grows

Lincoln pizza ovens use air impingement technology to cook food 2 to 4 times faster than traditional ovens. Place multiple pizzas on the conveyor belt at once to come out the other end cooked through and browned to perfection. No burnt bottoms or soggy middle. It can also be programmed to cook other menu items such as salmon or steak.

At a depth of 797mm, the Lincoln oven is small enough to fit on most commercial countertops. As your business grows, simply stack one pizza oven on top of the other. Three pizza ovens can be placed vertically this way, saving space. Each oven can be set to a different conveyor speed and temperature to work efficiently during peak periods.

Comcater’s advice, training and equipment are essential ingredients in commercial kitchens nationwide. Updating your equipment may make better use of the space in your kitchen, saving you time and money in the long run. Get in touch with us, and we’ll cook up a solution for you. Call 1300 309 262

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