The Commercial Kitchen equipment essential guide

An effective and functional commercial kitchen starts with the right equipment. Don’t make do with what you’ve got. Investing in the correct equipment will save you money and time now and into the future.

Whether you own an inner-city cafe or run a golf club, this comprehensive commercial equipment list will help you decide where you should invest to improve your bottom line.

Commercial Ovens

The type, size and function of your oven depends on the food you cook. For example, a bakery would need a very different oven compared to an Asian restaurant. You may need a convection, commercial oven, rotisserie, or combi oven.

Combi ovens are no longer just for bulk production. RATIONAL combi ovens are leading the way when it comes to cooking technology. With its smart technology, automatic cleaning and various sizes available, you’ll find combis in facilities such as aged care to trendy inner-city restaurants.

Ranges / Griddles

Ranges and griddle tops are essential in any commercial kitchen. Aussie Trueheat is designed to make griddles specifically for our cafe and restaurant industry. Their gas cooking equipment delivers heat evenly and can withstand the rigours of any sized kitchen, all at an affordable price.

Industry heavyweight, Garland, boasts the most effective heat distribution in the food service industry. Their ranges also have the largest useable cooking surface for when you have a full house.

Italian brand Mareno is the perfect choice for an open kitchen. It’s easy to clean and so stylish, you’d want customers to peek into the kitchen just to see the burners. It’s also reliable and sensitive to cooking at both extremes of temperature.


The wrong fryer can mean more than a soggy chip. A quality commercial deep fryer will give you consistent heat and will filter the oil for you. But, most importantly, it will deliver a consistent product your customers will come to rely on.

Frymaster is a favourite amongst fast food establishments for their oil-saving filtration system, durability and minimal maintenance.

Trueheat deep fryers can cook the perfect chico roll every time. Ideal for the Aussie fish and chip shop or hatted restaurant, Trueheat RC Series Gas Deep Fryer has a new and improved open pot design, a functional feature chefs love.


Quality shelving is more than simply a way to store food. Good shelving stops cross-contamination, pests and disease. This improves your organisation, saving you time during food preparation. Less food goes to waste. In the long run, this saves you money.

Cambro shelving is durable and has a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. They even make clear labelled containers that fit snuggly and can stack.

Freezers / Refrigerators

Blast chilling can save a commercial kitchen of any size money, resources and time. By chilling food quickly, there’s less time for bacteria to grow, so the food lasts longer, decreasing food wastage.

Tecnomac blast chillers retain the texture, flavour and colour of the food after it was cooked. To ensure food safety and quality, they have a built-in USB drive for HACCP control and data download.

Successful restaurants are investing in blast chilling because food can be prepared in advance. So, chefs can serve up a greater variety of meals while reducing waste.

Ice Machines

Whether you require flaked ice for fish storage, hollow ice cubes for smoothies or classic cubes for spirits, your establishment needs to turn over the right amount of ice in 24 hours for your customers. Don’t risk running short, as a trip to the service station to pick up a bag wastes time and money.

Brema ice makers have no computer board, making them more reliable and cheaper to repair. They’re also designed to work efficiently in our climate, with a 21°C ambient and 15°C water temperature rating, which is slightly warmer than Europe or America. Self-cleaning with easily removable parts, Brema have unit sizes to cater for the small cafe, nightclub or large hospital food services.

Food processors / Blenders

Food processors and blenders reduce prep time, improve efficiency and can expand your menu options. Blenders, particularly in summer, can be one of the hardest working pieces of equipment in your kitchen. They need to cut through ice and a range of other textures achieving a consistent result, every time.

Vitamix heavy-duty motors and hardened, laser-cut, stainless steel blades mean your purees, smoothies and delicately chopped herbs will be cut and blended to precision.


A Salamander grill is essential for toasting, browning or even simply keeping dishes at a set temperature.

The Garland overhead grill has cast iron burners concentrating heat where it’s needed. The Trueheat salamander has removable covers and sides for melting cheese on toast or keeping five dishes warm at once.


Modern commercial dishwashers save water, chemicals and power. Whether you need a glasswasher to fit snugly under the bar bench or large flight-type machines to power through the grease, the right machine can save you money.

Comenda has a dishwasher to suit every kitchen, application and budget. It’s easy to clean and use. Italian-made, it’s a favourite in establishments all over Europe due to its hardwearing features and ROI.

Food Storage

Good quality food storage containers keep food fresh, accessible and identifiable. Over time, lids can go missing and the containers may not be as useful as they once were.

Cambro containers are stackable, clear and have dissolving labels that are easily replaced. Heavier items can be stored lower in Cambro sealed containers and lighter ingredients stacked higher in an easily accessible and identifiable way. This saves you time rummaging around for ingredients and reduces food spoilage. Nothing is hidden away to quietly decay.

If lids are missing, easily order a new one. If you change your menu, simply change your containers accordingly.

Food Pre Counters & Surface

Stainless steel benchtops are hygienic and corrosion-resistant. That’s why they’re the benchtop of choice for commercial kitchens. They come in modules so can fit any size kitchen. Their smooth surface can be easily wiped clean. For open kitchens, stainless steel matches chrome appliances perfectly.

At Comcater, we only stock world-class, innovative, commercial kitchen equipment. If your kitchen equipment is costing you time, energy or labour, speak to Comcater.

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