Speed ovens – bringing new pace to the kitchen

One of the core ingredients of cafes and restaurants is speed. In fact, the entire customer experience can be shattered by long wait times, no matter how impressive your food offering is.

In the kitchen, this is no different. As soon as the order is made, your team of chefs need to be getting started on each element of the dish. Of course, the finished product is expected to be of the highest standard, but it also needs to be served is a reasonable timeframe. There is no benefit in serving excellent food after an extended delay – the customer is already disappointed in the experience.

This is where the concept of commercial kitchen equipment like speed ovens come in. When convection ovens are too slow and you need higher quality than a microwave, the Menumaster range of speed ovens could be just the ticket to satisfying your customer base.

What is a speed oven?

speed oven could be described as a combination of a convection oven and a microwave. Taking the infrared technology from microwave and the convected air of normal ovens, speed ovens have been clocked at more than 15 times faster than a traditional oven.


Serving food quickly is a priority, but it must be tasty!

It doesn’t matter if you want to bake, toast or just heat, by having speed ovens in your kitchen, you’re able to provide a quality menu to your customers that is served on time every time.

What are the benefits of a speed oven?

As mentioned above, the main benefit of speed ovens is their remarkable pace – without losing any quality. This said, there are a number of other great advantages.

Let’s take a closer look at the Menumaster MXP5223 Accelerated Cooking Oven as an example.

From a cooking perspective, Menumaster speed ovens also led the pack.

This innovative oven has 360 programmable menu items, three cooking stages and a remarkable 11 microwave power levels. As such, this oven is much easier for your kitchen staff to operate, saving valuable training time and costs along the way. Of course, if you want to change the menu at any point, simply take advantage of the USB compatibility and plug in your flash drive to update the system.

From a cooking perspective, Menumaster speed ovens also lead the pack. The MXP5223 offers a 90° plus door opening with two point hinge system – allowing chefs to take items out of the oven with ease and without any unnecessary spills. Additionally, the front removable air filter can be removed and cleaned which extends the oven’s lifespan.

Castle Hill RSL – a speed oven case study

When your business is looking at new cooking equipment, it’s always good to know how other kitchens are faring with it. This can give you the confidence to give your kitchen a timely upgrade.

Castle Hill RSL uses the Menumaster MXP with Executive Chef Paul Clyne explaining the operational benefits of their investment.

“Our customers are happy with the quicker turnaround, staff are happy with the improvements to their environment and I’m happy with productivity and consistency of the results,” he said. “The staff received training on how to use the equipment so regardless of who is on the shift, the results are the same each time.”

Want to learn more about speed ovens?

Cafes and restaurants are in the business of reducing customer wait time, but not at the expense of quality. Of course, this goal requires equipment that is quicker than the rest and can still finish to a high standard, such as speed ovens.

If you want to know more about how speed ovens can make a difference in your kitchen, fill in the form to get in touch.

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