Snack Attack


Quick and casual style snacks are head lining menus across bars, cafes and entertainment venues throughout Australia. Hungry diners wanting the best quality affordable food served quickly has seen an increased surge of menu offerings you would happily eat in a fine diner.

Introducing a food offering can be a daunting task! “Do I have the employ a chef? Must I purchase expensive commercial equipment? Will I need a canopy? What about all the food wastage?”

Customers seeking delicious food served fast and affordably, are just a few of these constants. For this, speed ovens are an operator’s best friend, and for unsurpassed speed and design you can’t go past the new Menumaster MRX Xpress IQ Speed Oven.

What is most striking about the MRX at first glance is its size; at 36 cm wide and 71 cm deep, the small footprint means finding space for the unit is easy. Not only will your new speed oven take up as much room as a microwave, but it requires no ventilation meaning installation is both flexible and extremely economic. Place it back of house to work with your existing commercial kitchen, or front of house to deliver a new grab and go menu and reduce orders that get passed to kitchen. With the ability to fit a 30 inch pizza inside, there are so many ways the MRX can help expand your menu or create efficiencies in delivering your current menu.

Don’t be fooled by the small footprint; the MRX packs a pint sized punch when it comes to its power. Combining impingement, convection and microwave heating technologies, the MRX is perfect for reheating browning, crisping and cooking a wide variety of items up to 15 times faster than conventional ovens. Featuring 3000W of impingement power and a 95°C – 270°C temperature range, serving consistently good tasting food fast is easier than ever. Check out our cooking times comparison guide to see just how much time you can save by utilising the Menumaster MRX.


With more than 2.5 million country and interstate travellers and a massive 30 million commuters each year, Delaware North’s retail outlets at Sydney Central Station (Country Terminal) are designed for speed of service.

The culinary offerings at the station are as diverse as the travellers that pass through the station each year. Dining options include quick serve snacks, bistro-style meals and delicious coffee and baked goods, all served with Delaware North’s uncompromising service standards.

We caught up with Andre Slootweg, General Manager Food & Beverage* – Central Food Market to uncover how the Menumaster MRX is helping Delaware North feed hungry commuters.

“We love the speed of the Menumaster MRX, this is important for our customers who have a train to catch as dwell time is very short in the Bakery area and in order to drive revenue we need our customers to see the fast flow of products and be assured that they will be served and out in time to catch their train. The actual size and footprint of the oven was critical in the design process. We were working with limited counter space in a low roof area and therefore the Menumaster MRX size was perfect for the tight space we had to work with and didn’t require a canopy.

The versatility of Menumaster MRX allowed us to expand our menu range and gives us plenty of options for expanding the menu in the future without any upgrades or concern on extraction.

The quality of the food coming out of the Menumaster MRX has been remarkable, the food quality is not compromised when reheating or warming of the product.

This is a very smart machine – easily programmed and operated which makes it perfect for a low skilled workforce and reduces the margin for error.”

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