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One of the most interesting things about commercial kitchens is how different each one is. These may be subtle or drastic, but the individual needs of a menu all demand unique processes and commercial chef equipment. Even with this in mind, there are a few units you can expect to see in almost every kitchen in the world - with cooktops sitting pretty at the top of this list.

The reasons why cooktops are so common are simple. They provide the spine for thousands of different dishes, supplying heat to the pots and pans that you and your team will be using to create the core elements of dozens of meals. Because cooktops are so heavily used and can perform so many functions, it's important to get things right when you're looking to add one to your commercial kitchen. Comcater can help you to find the perfect option that will last the distance.

Cooktops: What you need

As one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in your kitchen, ruggedness and durability is perhaps the single most important aspect of a cooktop. Of course you'll need a high quality product, and having something that breaks down regularly or can't handle higher heats isn't going to be very useful or cost-effective in the longer term. That's why all of Comcater's cooktops are designed to bear the brunt of a high-output kitchen - providing the solidity that you need for peace of mind.

Behind durability come a few other areas that are worth focusing on when purchasing a cooktop. Heat control is a big one here, especially in processes that require precise temperature adjustments or rapid changes from high to low heats. Similarly, it's worth thinking very carefully about volume, and how much output you need. A smaller cafe may only require two burners, while a larger restaurant will need four or perhaps six in order to keep up with demand. If even more are required, a modular system that allows you to combine units is critical for retaining a smooth, safe work surface.

With all of these requirements in mind, Comcater's three cooktop brands cover all the bases, depending on what you need. For high volumes you'll want the unmatched robustness of Garland, while the modularity of Trueheat is perfect for those that value the ability to mix and match burners and grill combinations for great flexibility. Mareno on the other hand is unbeatable in its combination of function and aesthetic form - perfect for open kitchens or chef's looking for a beautiful cooking environment.

Gas or induction?
The big question for many restaurant owners is whether to go for gas or induction hobs. For decades, gas has been the only real option for commercial environments, providing a far better speed for heat changes than electric cooktops. Today though, new induction technology which operates via magnetics allows for the same rapid adjustments, with the added benefits of safety and efficiency. This is due to the lesser amount of heat that escapes from an induction hob.

With these features in mind, many kitchens are making the move towards induction cooktops from Mareno, but gas still presents a very viable option too. To work out what best suits you, it's a good idea to test out the different options with a member of the helpful Comcater team. Booking a demo is no problem at all, and well worth doing. The cooktop that you purchase is one that you'll be using for a long time, so be sure to choose wisely and consider all of the options before pulling the trigger.

For more information on all of the different cooktop options available, get in touch with Comcater today.


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