3 signs that your kitchen needs a new deep fryer

If you were to ask your customers what the perfect deep fried chip tasted and looked like, you’d properly get a similar response from most of them. There would be the words “crunchy”, “fluffy” and “crisp” – no doubt described with a dollop of tomato sauce or aioli on the side for good measure.

However, as your deep fryers start to age, their ability to produce crunchy chips with fluffy interiors can fail – leading to more than one unhappy customer. Of course, if your proverbial ‘bread and butter’ comes with a side of fries, this can pose a serious problem.

To avoid this situation, here are three signs that you might need to invest in new fryers.

1) Chips are soggy and inconsistent

Opening up a freshly wrapped newspaper full of fish and chips is supposed to reveal crunchy deep-fried chips, accompanied by beautifully battered fish. This said, older and lower-standard fryers have a tendency to produce inconsistent and even soggy chips – who would want that?

Enter the Frymaster MJ Series. The open pot designed deep fryer features a centreline thermostat accurate to 1 degree Celsius. This ensures that the chips are cooked uniformly each time and to a high standard. It’s important to note that the thermostat also anticipates rapid temperature changes to ensure the oil doesn’t get too hot or too cool, ensuring no soggy or over-crisped chips in sight!

2) You’re wasting time filtering oil

At the end of your kitchen service, what would you rather be doing – filtering oil or enjoying the time off? Of course, it’s the latter and if you’re too busy filtering oil from your deep fryer, it’s costing you both time and labour.

One of the benefits of the Frymaster range of deep fryers is the in-built filter , which is designed to extend the lifecycle of oil and produce consistent fried food – saving you time at the end of a long service.

3) You’re replacing your deep fryers every few years

Frymaster deep fryers are built with toughness in mind, constructed with stainless steel that is made to last.

Deep fryers usually have a heavy workload, with little or no recovery time during a busy service. While this suggests that they’ll need to be replaced every other year, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Frymaster deep fryers are built with toughness in mind, constructed with stainless steel that is made to last. In fact, we are so confident in its ability, there is even a lifetime frypot warranty to give you ultimate peace of mind.

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