Commercial vs. Domestic: Purevac packaging for pros

One of the great innovations for the modern foodservice industry has got to be the ability to vacuum pack food. Removing the air from food packaging can be an invaluable advantage for any catering business, helping to safely prolong the life of expensive produce, as well as explore opportunities for sous vide cooking.

It’s also an invention that has made its way into the domestic market, allowing budding home cooks to cut down food waste with a safe storage alternative. Rather than taking advantage of the trend to bring a domestic vacuum sealer into a commercial environment, catering businesses who want to operate more cost-efficiently should direct their attention to the PureVac range.

Why PureVac?

PureVac products are manufactured with only the highest quality stainless steel in Holland, so you can rest assured that your vacuum packaging machine is built to withstand the strains of service for many years to come.

What puts PureVac ahead of the pack is the use of vacuum pumps from world-leading German manufacturer, Busch. Renowned for producing some of the most powerful and economic pumps on the market, Busch pumps are also equipped with a digital conditioning program and service kit for preventative maintenance to significantly prolong the life of your PureVac.

When you buy a PureVac machine with Comcater, you’ll also have the benefit of a market-leading 24-month warranty, inclusive of both parts and labour.

Introducing the PureVac Premier range 

In creating its Premier range of benchtop vacuum packaging machines, PureVac left no stone unturned to create a product with the user in mind. With simple controls and a choice of different functions, not to mention self-maintenance capabilities, PureVac equipment is a joy to use.

Don’t let hiking prices deter you from creating the menu you envisage. With the Premier range, you can confidently bulk buy out-of-season produce for safe storage thanks to the sensor control and soft-air functionality which ensures maximum accuracy for superior food preservation.

The deep drawn vacuum chamber featured in Premier range models have rounded edges for optimum hygiene. The PureVac PREMIER1635’s 350 millimetre wireless sealing bar provides a strong double seal, and is also removable for easy cleaning.

For larger packaging solutions, you can turn to the PureVac PREMIER2141-2, with two 410 mm sealing bars for two-sided sealing, or the PureVac PREMIER2142 with an extra strong 420 mm bar.

If you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of optimised food storage that doesn’t compromise on the integrity of your produce, be sure to fill in the form on this page.

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