[Free Recipe Guide] All you need to know about charcoal cooking

One of the hottest dining trends right now is cooking with charcoal ovens using pure fire and its embers to deliver the ultimate in smoky authentic flavour.

While cooking over charcoal has been used across the world for thousands of years, more and more top chefs are installing commercial charcoal ovens and grills to achieve the same authentic flavours only charcoal can deliver in their commercial kitchens.

Using Mibrasa to cook with charcoal opens up a new world of flavours and possibilities to foodservice businesses as chefs embrace this primal method of cooking. Chefs are excited by the challenge of a back to basic cooking method using real fire and charcoal to achieve distinctive chargrilled results.

Perhaps the biggest point of difference that really separates charcoal and chargrilling from other methods is that an entirely new flavour is imparted by the heat source. A standard oven or griddle doesn’t add flavour, but cooking with charcoal actually bridges the gap between grilling and hot smoking. As a result, food gains an entirely new flavour profile that combines the original taste with a delectable smokiness. This is amplified by the fact that succulence is retained – preventing meats from drying out and losing their texture. 

To help get you started on your charcoal cooking journey we have created a Charcoal Recipe Guide for you to download for free! 



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