Royal Randwick races ahead with Cambro

In the summer of 2011, Royal Randwick Racecourse faced its biggest challenge to date, embarking on a $150 million dollar redevelopment.

It meant doubling the capacity of the Queen Elizabeth and Paddock grandstands, adding corporate boxes, premium event lounges and restaurants, plus the addition of flexible floor plans that would enable Royal Randwick to host a number of multi–purpose events.

Today, Royal Randwick offers the choice of 6 restaurants, 10 bars, 5 food outlets and 15 unique indoor and outdoor function spaces over a whopping 200 acres. This is all made possible by a dedicated team of 7 full time and 650 casual food and beverage staff, who are supported by 10 full service kitchens!

As part of the redevelopment, Royal Randwick invested in new, premium quality glassware and crockery. The team is reliant on the safe storage and precise organisation of these assets to deliver their food and beverage service. What Royal Randwick needed was a simple and effective system to safely store, organise and transport their glassware and crockery.

Royal Randwick needed a reliable storage and warewash solution for their glassware

“We had great success with Cambro products in the past,” tells Royal Randwick Projects Manager, Chris Wilson.

“Seven years ago we made the change to Cambro’s Camshelving® and haven’t looked back since. Yes, it was an investment, but it was well worth it. The cheaper shelving out there doesn’t work long–term. It chips easily and rusts, and then of course there are HACCP concerns with this. When it came to selecting a storage system for our new glassware and crockery, we knew instantly we were in safe hands with Comcater and Cambro.”

Comcater supplied 1,700 Cambro Camracks® to protect and transport their delicate glassware and keep it clean until the next use, eliminating the need for re–washing. Due to the sheer amount of glassware, Comcater worked in consultation with Royal Randwick devising a fool–proof coloured coded system to quickly organise and identify the different types of glassware. For example, red wine glasses are stored in red Cambro Camracks. Personalised Cambro Camracks with logos, symbols and information are also available.

Crockery is safely stored in 87 Cambro S–Series adjustable dish caddies, which hold plates and bowls from 11, 7 to 33cm. Made with a durable,polyethylene exterior, Cambro Caddies will not rust, crack, dent or chip. Durable Cambro Camdollies® transport the Camracks® throughout the complex and are completed with sanitary plastic covers for added protection.

To read our full interview with Ranwick Racecourse, check out our article in FrontBurner Magazine!

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