The University Club of WA and the right restaurant equipment for their kitchen

The University Club of WA is a high paced environment, serving academics and post-graduate students on the run. The Club Café & Bar offers casual dining, overlooking the historic Arts buildings and beautiful Matilda Bay in Perth.

They offer an extensive à la carte menu and delicious daily specials. Some of Perth’s brightest students enjoy healthy smoothies, such as Avo Go-Go, Vanilla Glazed Cinnamon Scrolls, and Shakshuka Eggs.

How The University Club of WA chose the right restaurant equipment

The club recently revamped its kitchen to keep up with their high volume and pace. As they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner over a 12 hour period, they needed restaurant equipment that would stand up to that usage. After speaking with Comcater, they decided to install equipment from RATIONAL and Mareno.

The RATIONAL iVario is similar to a Bratt pan but can fry, boil and deep fry. Boil pasta, sear steak or deep fry calamari all in one appliance.

Duck is one of our most popular dishes here, which we do well with the iVario cooking system,” says head chef Costa Simatos.

The iVario can cook up to four times faster, using up to 40 percent less energy. The food is cooked to your desired result, thanks to smart technology. Food never burns or boils over.

iVario is good for sous vide, high heat searing and finishing off products as well,” he says.


Costa and his team also rely on the RATIONAL iCombi oven to deliver a consistent product at scale.

Using the RATIONAL gives you the opportunity to slow cook at very controlled temperatures and hold that temperature all the way through. You have consistency of plated products from customer number one to the end of service. In banqueting, this is very important.”

The RATIONAL iCombi ovens have preprogramed settings that any staff member can operate.

With the steam capacity, we can do different styles of cooking. We can do steam, searing and finish off products at a higher heat. Controlled heat, moisture and fan settings.”

Cook steak, fish and steamed veggies when they need to be served. The iCombi will intelligently adjust the cooking times to suit you.

And to top it off at the end of the day the iCombi will clean itself. Ready to start again.

The University Club café grills chicken satay, rump steak and Indian roti canai bread using Mareno grills. This stylish Italian brand is durable and has the strength and capability to support any busy kitchen from breakfast right through to lunch and dinner. perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mareno is fantastic.”

The non-stick surface is easy to clean and has a removable grease collection tray. Less product is wasted through cooking.

If we’re sealing something, we get a consistent colouring on the product. We’re not getting the tearing we got on the old style of grills.”

The stable flame steel burners produce consistent heat.

There’s no loss of heat or temperature, even when you are putting more and more product on the grill. It’s easy to maintain and use.”

Comcater advised the club on which appliances would suit their menu, staffing arrangements and guests. They also provided after-sales service to ensure the club were maximising the equipment’s capabilities. made the most of their restaurant equipment.

If you’re thinking of replacing your restaurant equipment, call Comcater. We can discuss your staffing and guest capacity and what you want to achieve with your menu.  Our team of equipment specialists will help you find the best solution for your business. Call 1300 309 262.

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