What are the technical advantages of Menumaster Speed Ovens?

In a recent article, we explained the concept of speed ovens and some of the benefits of having them as part of your kitchen. While this is great for those in the industry who are new to speed ovens, it’s also good to get under the hood and look at the technical specifications.

As a combination application that mixes the pace of microwaves and the quality finish of convection ovens, speed ovens are a perfect addition in the world of commercial kitchen equipment. Of course, there many different situations where a speed oven can add value, but it often depends on the context and what chefs are looking to achieve.

In this article, we’ll look at two Menumaster speed ovens – the MXP5223 and JET514 – to provide those key technical details that will help you make a purchasing decision. Let’s open them up!

Menumaster MXP5223

Starting with larger of the two models, the MXP5223 is a true powerhouse in the speed oven industry. It incorporates 2000W of convection power, 2200W of microwave power and 3000W of Infra-red radiant – combining for an impressive 7200W of cooking power. This allows the MXP5223 to cook up to 15 times faster than normal convention ovens, allowing it to deliver food to customers in record time.

The stainless steel interior can handle up to 30 litres – meaning it can easily handle a large pizza or other big plates within the busy kitchen environment. For those involved in the catering industry, having access to one or more large speed ovens can be invaluable, allowing food to be served quickly and properly without stress.

The Menumaster MXP5223 can produce food faster and of high quality.

Speaking of serving, the Menumaster MXP5223’s technical ability also extends to its programming. Chefs and other kitchen staff have the opportunity to add up to 360 specific menu items through USB. This means that whether you want to cook cakes, bread or even finish off a steak, the speed oven can log the settings and with a touch of a button, it’s away. There are three stages of cooking and 11 microwave power levels to choose from – which allows restaurants to diversify their menu and offer new and creative dishes.

The final important technical detail to mention in relation to the MXP5223 is the 90° plus door opening with a two-point hinge system. As the door lies completely flat when open, it’s easy to access the oven in the middle of a busy service as well as avoid spills. When you want a consistent oven that performs on one-touch, you can’t look past the MXP5223.

Menumaster – JET514

The other speed oven option from Menumaster is the JET514 – an entry-level unit which is ideal for smaller kitchens or those new to the world of speed ovens. Again, there are various technical specifications that make this a great option.

The oven incorporates 2700W of convection power and 1400W of microwave power – combining to offer 4100W of accelerated cooking power. While the JET514 is slightly slower than its counterpart, it can still bake, brown and toast up to four times faster than other cooking methods. As such, even smaller kitchens can take advantage of the technology and deliver food to customers quicker – improving the bottom line along the way.

Although the unit is smaller overall, it’s interesting to note that the JET514 actually has a larger internal cavity volume than the MXP5223 – beating it 34 litres to 30. It might be slower than its counterpart but can still handle large dishes and pans to provide the best cooking finish possible.

If your kitchen decides to invest in the JET514, you also get the fantastic USB programming capabilities for the ultimate ease of use. Up to 100 menu items can be added, across four stages of cooking and 11 microwave power levels which extends the capabilities of a restaurant.

Again, this speed oven comes with the 90° plus door opening with two point hinge system. This feature is consistent across the range and ensures food can be removed as easily as possible.

A special technical specification of the JET514 is the grease tray which collects and traps grease. If your kitchen is producing food that is especially greasy or fatty, it can affect the internal components and even shorten the life of the oven itself. This tray can be easily cleaned out at the end of a service, keeping the oven performing to a high standard.

If you want an oven that can provide even and consistent browning, toasting and crisping as well as speed, the JET514 could be a great option.

Which one is best?

It would certainly be unfair to pick one Menumaster speed oven over the other. It comes down to the requirements of a kitchen and how the oven would fit into the existing range of equipment.

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