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Health/Aged Care

In today’s world of constant regulation changes, the primary concern for health and aged care foodservice operators continues to be centered on achieving higher patient satisfaction scores and outstanding level of service. Following closely behind are efforts to reduce operating costs, improve productivity and implement sustainable practices. All while maintaining a high level of food quality and HACCP requirements, of course.

At Comcater, we provide a number of products that will greatly improve your profitability, food quality, and patient satisfaction. Cambro offers comprehensive healthcare solutions, from meal delivery systems that ensure food is served at safe, delicious temperatures, to an array of reusable bowls, lids, cups and cutlery which eliminate the need of continuously having to purchase disposable, uneconomical lids that will eventually make their way into our landfills. It is estimated that the total amount of general (non-hazardous) waste generated by health-care activities is about 80% compared to domestic waste; which means sustainability efforts will continue to be top of mind.

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