The Coffee Club


Parent company to The Coffee Club Minor DKL first engaged Comcater in an effort to better streamline their entire equipment purchasing for the Coffee Club franchise. Having been a customer of Comcater’s for 26 years, they knew they wanted some of their existing equipment to remain untouched.

“We’d been using the Lincoln Impinger ovens for approximately 26 years in the company,” said Project Coordinator to The Coffee Club Michael Gascoigne. “We’ve got close to 700 impinges out in the market.”

Rather than replacing this failsafe unit, instead they upgraded to Lincoln’s newer digital countertop Impinger.

“We’ve now gone to the new digital Iimpinger’s, which has resulted in more accuracy in temperatures and times and the feedback on those has been absolutely outstanding. It’s great because we don’t have to worry about griddle plates or anything like that, which is getting more and more difficult because retail space is getting a very expensive dollar per square metre. The smaller the kitchen the better, the more bums on seats out in the seating area is what we need so if we can reduce our kitchen areas from 40-50 metres down to 35 it allows us for another 15 seats.”

The Coffee Cub’s Jay Golledge further explained the benefits of these units to the business.

“Having that setup where you can control the conveyor speed allows the chefs to work on multiple dockets at once and keeps our teams lean. By using the double stacks this is even more beneficial as we have the two units at two different speeds and temperatures.”

After upgrading the Impinger ovens, Jay and Michael decided to upgrade the store fryers from a competitor fryer to the Frymaster MJ45 series.

“We always just used to run a standard fryer we’re now using a Frymaster with the digital timers, which is now producing great products so we’re getting consistency great product every time,” Michael said. “It allows the chefs to actually focus on what they are doing on the bench, not if they’re burning the chips. With the timers on them it allows more time to be spending what’s going on in front of them instead of turning around all the time wasting time. So efficiencies have come in from that. “

The specified equipment for all Coffee Club franchises now consists of the Vitamix Quiet One commercial blenders, Menumaster commercial microwaves, Frymaster commercial deep fryers and Lincoln Impinger commercial ovens.

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