Cleveland KGL60T-NG gas heated floor mounted steam jacketed kettles are the perfect solution for caterers and production kitchens wanting to reap the benefits of more efficient, unassisted cooking whilst ensuring the strictest OH&S measures are met. With accurate temperature controls to 1°C eliminating extra staff costs with no monitoring of the cooking process required, it’s no wonder Cleveland kettles are year on year voted Best in Class!

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  • Huge 225L capacity kettle, measured under the rim for guaranteed capacity & perfect for caterers
  • 2/3 steam jacketed with 304 stainless steel construction & automatic spark ignition system
  • 50 PSI (3.5 bar) steam jacket rating and safety valve
  • Exclusive electronic controls that resist breakage & accidental changing
  • LED readouts for heat cycle & water ratings plus front mounted pressure/vacuum gauge


  • Industry leading steam jacket rating lets you cook faster & at higher temperatures than any other
  • State of the art temperature control offers less than 1°C variance for an accurate heat every time
  • Splash proof controls & cover, backed by roller-beared tilt mechanism ensures maximum safety
  • LED Readouts & pressure gauges easily identify operational performance for guaranteed best results
  • Only needs a gas connection and a 240 volt outlet meaning huge installation savings