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What are the benefits of deep frying food?

November 13, 2018

If you were to ask someone to describe deep fried food, it’s likely they’ll say “tasty, but unhealthy”. This is a fair assumption, deep fried food is widely considered to be something we should only have once in a while. 

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Introducing the Menumaster MRX Xpress IQ™: the smallest, fastest and smartest speed oven on offer

September 24, 2018

Trends in dining come and go, but there are certain constants in foodservice that remain unchanged.

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Tips for buying an energy efficient deep fryer

July 7, 2018

If there is one bill that restaurant and cafe owners know will be reasonably high each month, it’s the electricity bill. As the need for new store fixtures, menu boards and kitchen equipment grows, it isn’t always easy to determine where savings can be made.

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Say goodbye to the grill

July 3, 2018

From breakfast, burgers and beyond, eggs are increasingly becoming a must-have an item on any QSR menu. And we’ve got an eggcellent way to ensure yours are cooked to perfection each and every time without a single chef insight.

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Trends in Toasting: from brioche buns and beyond

Between the rapid rise of gourmet burger joints and the desire for healthier and free-from fast food options, consumers expect variety when it comes to their bread.

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